What Foods Make You Feel Good?

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Have any of you noticed there are certain foods that leave you with a sense of well-being after you eat them?

This morning I had a scramble of eggs, leftover lemon potatoes that I'd cooked for Easter, and fresh spinach. Afterward, I just felt good... don't know if it was the overall dish, or the starchy veg content, or what. But it was a pleasant way to start my day.

I also get the same feeling after eating fresh salmon, pan-seared in ghee.

What's your clean, feel good food?


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I feel very annoyed to say this, but dark leafy greens really make me feel good. And I don't even like them that much!!!!!!!!!!!! But yeah, especially collards and rainbow chard (which are mild enough that I can cook them down and eat plenty without being too bothered) make me feel really good after I eat them.

It's so annoying. Everybody who speaks about nutrition from any viewpoint whatsoever talks about the importance of the dark leafy greens. Grrr And it's true.  Grrr :D


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