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Monk fruit extract

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1 hour ago, Stacy in ATX said:

Thanks, but I'm looking for a Mod answer. There's conflicting info on the forum. :)

If Kirkor gives you an answer, you can bank it. 

Theres a thorough discussion here on the forums:


Bottom line: don't eat it. 

'If you're looking at Califa Farms Cocnut Almomd Milk or similar products, see this discussion:

Bottom line: steer around it. 

Eat real food, not processed products if you want  the most benefits from your Whole30. 

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Just an update, the Sneaky Sugars list has been updated to include Monk Fruit so any products containing said sweetener are not approved.  There is no ambiguity now.  Monk Fruit and its products used as sweeteners are not compliant.  If you find and eat an actual monk fruit, that's fine :)

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