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Daddy Has a Whole, New Wardrobe

Glen Palo

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I successfully finished my Whole30 experiment!

It is a story of the good, bad, and ugly.

I started out as a fat man. I ended as a skinnier fat man.

But it is all good. 

My new healthy lifestyle is just beginning!


The Good

I completed my commitment to start and finish the Whole30 program.

I accomplished most of my goals.

  • I learned to think differently about food.
  • I learned to make good food choices.
  • I learned new kitchen and cooking skills. (I also learned I am a messy cook.)
  • I learned new recipes.
  • I created new recipes.
  • There is good collateral damage. The family eats better now that they have a choice between what I cook and what my wife cooks.
  • I learned that my old way of eating was destructive. I had reached the point before starting the Whole30 program that I needed to talk to my gastroenterologist about IBS. But the doctor's office rescheduled my appointment due to a scheduling conflict. So I did not see my doctor until towards the end of the 30 day period. Good thing. All the digestive system issues went away during the Whole30 program!
  • I am ready to start the next phase, which will include more gym time.
  • My left elbow tendonitis is gone.


The Bad

  • I now have a turkey neck. My face and neck are not as plump as before. So I have some loose skin on my neck.
  • I spend more time cooking. I love to eat! Cooking, not so much. Good thing I bought an Instant Pot, which cut down on the cooking time.
  • We talk about food more now. Not so sure this is a bad thing except for those who don't want hear food talk.
  • I still have no hair on top of my head. I guess Whole30 does not do everything. (A bald guy can always hope.)
  • My lower back pain is still with me. Physical therapy is helping to strengthen hip and upper leg muscles, which is helping my lower back.


The Ugly

  • Realizing the marketing myth that low fat and no sugar products are good for you is not true.
  • The government and medical establishment do not have your best interests in mind when it comes to nutrition.



Daddy has a whole, new wardrobe. Actually a closet full of clothes that now fit. 


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3 hours ago, Glen Palo said:

 I ended as a skinnier fat man.

Time to hit the weights! B)

But ya, kudos for giving this a good run. And I'm jelly of your InstaPot ... this will be me when my crock pot finally breaks:


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