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Day 8 -- updates, observations


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Good morning :-)

First I'd like to say that this forum is very encouraging and such a necessary part of this process. When I first decided to do W30, I didn't think I needed it, but I forced myself to follow all the suggestions given and being active in the forum was one of them. Reading about other people's struggles, successes, questions etc and the great advice given by the moderators makes me feel like I can do this.

So here's my update:

DIGESTION: I am someone who has persistent digestive issues. My system is always bloated, queasy, farty, nauseous, something isn't agreeing with it etc etc. I always feel better after doing some sort of flush or drinking some sort of detox tea or ginger. Since I've been doing W30 I haven't had a single digestive issue. I just don't even think about. Everything is quiet and still within me.

ENERGY: I don't feel like crap anymoreI notice I have increased and sustained energy throughout the day. I think about working out and my body says "Yeah, we're up for that." instead of  "OHGAWD!AREYOUKIDDINGME?!" (I must add that yesterday I was sitting at my desk and all of a sudden, I just felt like falling straight to sleep. I wanted to lie on the floor and take a nap. This does not contradict my testimony of increased energy levels. In fact, it was right on schedule with the W30 timeline! To me, energy is something that comes from the "core", for lack of a better descriptor. but Sleepy is just sleepy)

CRAVINGS: Whaaaat happened to my cravings?? What happened to going out to lunch and grabbing something sweet for later?? My body isn't even thinking about a snack at 2pm any more! I'm starting to be able to tell real hunger from an emotional craving. I know when it's time to eat versus me just trying to wash away the stress of a phone call. Yesterday, I had 3 urges to eat that I was able to associate with worry, stress, and comfort seeking. And then when I REALLY felt hungry, I was like YEP! that's it right there. Time to refuel.

ACHES AND PAINS: If you're 40 yrs old, put your hands up! If you're 40 yrs old put your hands up! Now wave em from side to side! You feel that ache in  your shoulder? Not if you're doing W30! LOL! If I were to list all the minor aches and pains that I typically experience throughout the day (backaches, old hip injuries, legs, feet, etc) I'd sound like Grandpa Simpson. But honey, i can just, like, WALK now. Like get up and down now. Like get up straight off the floor without planning a strategy first! Heartburn is gone. My body is just so quiet.

CHALLENGES/WEIRD STUFF:  Ok so here in the DC area, it has been really POLLEN-Y. Like you could use this stuff for biological warfare. Thank BEANS it rained last night. I don't typically suffer from allergies. I don't have to take meds for it. I don't even think about allergies. Maybe when it's really pollen-y I might feel a little throat tickle or something but I can move on with my life. For some cray cray reason that may have NOTHING or EVERYTHING to do with W30, I was overcome with allergy symptoms yesterday. It was unbearable. I'm makin weird duck noises in my throat, using up boxes of tissues. IDK what the deal is, but I just wanted to share it.

MISTAKES:  So I ate some friggin carrageenan the other day. I posted about it elsewhere in the forum. Long story short, I'm doin a W37! Not what I wanted, but trust me, when you read up on what that crap is and how it's used in lab mice to CAUSE inflammation to test new drugs, you would do what you had to as well. It's infuriating to discover all the ways we unknowingly ingest things we would never think about eating. If I'm fat, sick, and inflamed i want it to be because I KNOWINGLY scarfed down too much of something I should have put the brakes on. Like sugar, or alcohol. Not because I thought i was doing the right thing by having some organic almond milk or a turkey sandwich only to find there's all this crap in it! 

ETC: My shirts are fitting better and my pants are a bit looser. I (now) know and understand that this is not a weight loss regimen but a mental and physical reset that starts with my gut. I'm not droppin tons of LB's all fast like I had originally hoped, but I'm ok with that because of all the benefits listed above and also because I'm starting to understand some things about the purpose of this program and it's long term benefits.

That's it! I'm probably going to spend too much time today reading through more forum topics. Shh! don't tell my boss. :-)

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