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4/21/17 D1 M2:

2 serv. bacon, 1 serv broccoli, 1 serv carrots, tomato juice, 1 serving guac & handful of blueberries smothered in coconut milk. 

Keeping hydrated:  more Green tea with cinnamon.  

(making stew, having small tastes as it cooks)

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Day 1 non meal log.  

Clarified butter.  Already used it to saute onions for my stew. Smelled heavenly, but took a LONG time.

Homemade Mayo Fail #1, #2, #3.  All made with just slightly different "can't go wrong" may recipes and yes, with the stick blender.  It is a LONG trip to Trader Joes/whole Foods, so I'm hoping to find out if they have any compliant Mayo BEFORE i plan that trip.  Local grocery mayos all have sugar, so that's out. 

Am getting psyched for regular grocery store trip tonight b/c I can buy fresh fruit to go with 14 upcoming meals.  (Am going to try to make grocery runs only 1X per week.)  Since it felt weird to eat left over roast beef for breakfast, I'm going to try to make sausage - found this recipe:  http://www.janssushibar.com/fennel-breakfast-sausage/  - obviously, leaving out the optional maple syrup.  (I never really liked maple syrup, so no problem there).  

Matt Bat's log is inspiring, and I'm going to get everything I need for his taco meat as well.  http://www.foodrenegade.com/homemade-taco-seasoning/ That also sounds better for to me for breakfast than left over roast beef does.  

I'm feeling a little guilty about the tomato juice, I know the program prefers we chew our food.  But I am struggling so hard with trying to figure out how to eat veggies that I'm gonna give myself some slack with that one for a while.  

Felt pretty crappy today, partially b/c went to bed with headache and woke up with it too (sinus?) but also just typical overall crappy feeling and aches and pains.  My lower legs REALLY hurt right now, but I did walk a couple of miles this A.M.  

One thing I think I'm going to like about Whole30 (yeah, it's your first day sweetie, don't get cocky) is the 3 meals.  I have to eat all 3 meals and I shouldn't eat at any other time.   That works well for me, somehow it takes a lot of stress (that I generally have when dieting) out of the picture.  If it isn't meal time, then don't eat. No more "oh but I have some extra calories" excuse for off meal eating.  

So, later Chica, keep strong :)


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4/21/17 D1 M3:

1 serving left over roast beef.  Spinach leaf wrap (2 large spinach leaves) rolled around almond butter (fresh, ground at store today) (Ok, but not going to win an award for taste sensation).  Spinach leaf wrap (2 large spinach leaves) rolled around guac (This one COULD win an award, it was yummy).  3 pieces of fresh pineapple (a bit less than 1 ring worth).  10 dry roasted macadamia nuts.  6 freshly roasted cashews (we roasted them in oven, not dry roast.) Tomato juice.

Tomorrow I make the beef stock :)  that will smell heavenly, I think. 

Dinner left me very full will have to watch dinner portions, might need less food at night (more at lunch?).

Hi Julie, I don't know why it keeps failing, I followed all recipes and did watch one video that was with a recipe.  There will be one last attempt in this household, but my husband will attempt it, not me.  We will rewatch the Alton Brown episode where he covers home made mayo (husband is willing to do anything if I can direct him to an Alton Brown episode covering it) and my husband, who is more skillful in the kitchen than I (I have more patience and creativity tho) will try to make it for me.  If he is not successful, well then after that, it's forget the Mayo, I guess - because this is just becoming wasteful.

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4/22/17 D2 M1:  

1 1/2 serving Stew (Mama stew, whole 30 compliant version) served over cauliflower bits (like rice).  1 serving Tomato juice, 1 serving Cherry Blueberry, Coconut Crime.  2 cup coffee with cinnamon stick.  (funny, before whole 30 I drank coffee black.  But I read someone's comment about adding cinnamon and I thought I'd try it and am LOVING coffee that way.)

(Lol, I entered my breakfast into My fitness pal today, and I must have mistyped "Creme" into "Crime"  I LIKE IT!  

Recipe for  one serving Cherry Blueberry Coconut Crime aka, my whole30 breakfast fat.

  • 1/2 oz Tart Montmorency Cherry Concentrate
  • 1.5 oz fresh blueberries (frozen if you can't get fresh)
  • 3 oz coconut milk (chilled or add some crushed ice)

Mix thoroughly for a creamy goodness.  

It is thoroughly Whole30 compliant, (tho if I could source local tart cherries I'd modify this for sure) but I'm not sure it would be in the spirit of things for those who have a Sugar Dragon.  My own greasy, salty, fried dragon is not roused by it, so I'm thinking it's an easy palatable way to get the fat into the breakfast meal.  

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pic Inspired by Matt Bat log today lunch:  

4/22/17 D2 M2:  

Taco ground beef, with saute'd veggies, Guac, pineapple and tomato juice.  (In the Whole30 spirit, I'm now only going to allow myself tomato juice if I have a celery stick with it for the fiber & crunch.)


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4/21/17 D1 M3:

salad and no dressing with side of Marina sauce at restaurant. (Not a bad entree I put together there - except for Caesar dressing, marinara sauce as a dressing beat everything else I've had hands down.) Had to have protein and fat at home slightly later.  Almond butter for fat and taco meat (leftover from lunch) .  

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Day 2 non meal post:


bone beef broth been in the crock pot all day.  Doesn't smell like beef broth and I'm pretty sure just like the "oh so easy" mayo that I've ruined it.  The good news is I found a store beef broth that is totally compliant.  Yeah it won't have the same nutritional value but since I'm proving  incompetent in the kitchen, at least I know I won't have to go without beef broth in the things I DO  know how to cook. 

 It's depressing though, because my stew  whole 30 compliant is barely edible especially compared with the yummy version I've been making for the past two years. Who knew that wheat flour and peas  were key to the Yumminess that was mama's stew.   And The taco meat I made this morning was barely edible it was so dry. 


 Honestly, I think I'll be able to put up with this for a month. One month of food at a level of edible doesn't really seem too daunting. But  I am a pretty awful cook. I'm not sure that a pretty awful cook  has much of a chance making the types of food intake changes that would be best in the long run. Because eating unappetizing food regularly is not really sustainable. 

 Truly, I now wonder if the abundance of sugar, honey, wheat flour  etc. in prepackaged foods is an indicator that those who came up with those recipes were about as bad cooks as I am.   


 One big wonder though. Today I went to the spice store wholesaler and looked at their taco meat spice mix. It was very similar to the recipe I made, and I had hoped to be able to get something premade there just to save me a little bit of time and storage. But no  go because the dang mix also had some sugar. Way down on the ingredient list and completely unnecessary. Why in the world did they bother?   The girl at the register said she thought just about every spice mix they  developed and sold had sugar in it. So when I came home I checked the tandoori spice mix I bought there last year and sure enough they put sugar in that too!  What is with these people?   It's not like the sugar in those mixes is actually tasteable  or like it is a nationwide commercial brand 

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4/23/17 D3 M1:

Homemade breakfast sausage, tomato juice & celery, steamed broccoli with generous dollop of clarified butter, pineapple.

The homemade breakfast sausage was awful, the recipe called for 1 and 1/2 tsp salt per pound of pork.  I guess I should have know better, but that is about 1 tsp salt too much.  I have to eat the salty crap now, as I don't have the financial means to throw away so much meat (especially after all the other kitchen failures in the past few days that can't be iron jawed down and had to be thrown out.) I'm discouraged 

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so, husband is on the way to walgreens for burn ointment for me.  Knowing my arthritis would make impossible for me to pour the bone beef broth i've been trying to make (prob not very successfully, as after 24 hours simmering there was NO protein scum on top) i planned ahead and started ladeling the brothy stuff into strainer.  The ladle promptly snapped scalding my thumb< index finger and soft tissue in between.  And now, while typing this one handed, the second freezer bag of ice water on left hand failed and my upper thighs just had their second ice water bath in 20 minutes.  

not sure this is worth it.  luckily, i have left over chicken fajita meat from lunch out with brother so can eat compliant tonight without having ti do anything in the kitchen more complex than setting my microwave to steam broccoli at dinner.  but, not sure anything is worth the kitchen disaster i am.

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4/23/17 D3 M2:

tex-mex restaurant with Bro who was in town for the day.  

Chicken and veggie fajitas: (veggies fajitas were yellow squash & zuchinni slices) didn't touch the tortilla or rice/bean sides, let bro have those.  Guac and a few pieces of pineapple (pineapple was below par, alas, and the grapes they served with the pineapple were inedible.)

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Day 4 thoughts:  

I awoke this morning dreading breakfast (iirc that is a later day symptom usually, but of course everyone's mileage may vary).  With my alergy to eggs, slugging through what I don't think of as breakfast food (especially the protein)  every morning is a chore.  While I appreciate the plan's disapproval of drinking calories, I'm pretty sure that will be the first modification after the 30 days are up - reintroducing a palatable breakfast.  My thinking now is that I could continue and sustain Whole30 compliant breakfasts the rest of my life, but only if I take them mostly in liquid form.  Tomato Juice, Protien Broth, Almond Milk, and some fruit.  The fact that I don't need (or want?) variety at breakfast will be helpful there too.  

 LOL, it is the Whole30 encouragement to EAT fruits, not DRINK fruits with which I find mostly easy to comply .  I liked smoothies, mostly for convenience and for an easy way to slip some spinach and less palatable fruits into my diet.  But, I find it easy to retrain myself to eat the actual fruits.  It is getting the protien and veggies in the a.m. I want to push into liquid form.  Solid Fruit with liquid protein, veggies and fat sounds like a winner long term breakfast eating plan for me, if I want to stick with mostly Whole30 eating habits.

Oh, I'll probably have fun with the breakfast protein and veggies on weekends, when I can do so in a leisurely manner.  My homemade breakfast sausage from yesterday was a dismal failure I could barely swallow, but even at that, it showed progress.  It never occurred to me I could have a semi-healthy breakfast sausage taste if I did it from scratch myself, so that right there is a Whole30 win for me!  Now I just have to figure out how to make one that doesn't suck.

New Topic:  these whole30 boards

Also, Here on this topic (My log), which seems to be a relatively safe space on the Whole30 boards, I just want to stay this.  The Whole30 boards are utterly depressing and demoralizing and isolating, imo.  I want to post a topic to get people talking about non-egg protiens at breakfast, but my experience (even only 3 days here) tells me a mod will just chastise me and move my post into a 3 to 5 year old necro topic that doesn't quite hit the mark and doesn't contain any real people who are still on the boards with whom i could have active contact.  Depressing, mods, just depressing.  

These boards seem to be more of a library and y'all (mods) are the smiling but stern librarians shutting everyone up if they make a sound.  Not, imo, a way to build a supportive, friendly and fun community.  And while I'm ranting (day 4 symptom anyone?), just for the record, chastising me in my introduction post "you could have googled and found out you were a super-taster instead of whining about it" and shutting down my post that asked whether Trader Joes or Whole foods CURRENTLY in 2017 have any sugar free mayos for sale by merging it into the MAYO FAIL thread from 2012 - well, how unwelcome do you think I felt day 1 here?  "Shut Up and Google" is pretty much what I feel I got from the mods day 1.  Could I have been more positive in my posts and given my post a better thread title, yes.  Could the mods have been gentle, welcoming AND helpful, you bet your sweet patootie they could have.  

So, Day 4 is supposed to be Kill ALL the things.  Well, I guess my nerves are lit by these boards.  And that feels like a shame, because I consider web based community boards a good place to help one through the common difficulties - well, OTHER community boards, not this one.  

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4/24/17 D4 M2:

Ground Turkey/beef combo - Cinnamon Hot Wakeup meal with grilled with squash.  Tomato juice and cucumber.  watermellon.  macademia nuts

Inspired by http://paleomg.com/leftovers-cinnamon-chipotle-sliders/ but my own take - not burgers, just crumbled meat, and some squash added in near end of cooking with a bit of ground celery sprinkled on the veggies.  

Recipe for Cinnamon Hot Wakeup meal:  stove top grilled ground meat:  1/2 pound ground beef, 1/2 ground turkey

1 tbs cinnamon, 3/4 tbs garlic, 3/4 tbs onion powder, 1tsp chili powder, 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes, 1/4 tsp Paprika, 1/8 tsp smoked Paprika

Hey, I made something to eat that wasn't gross!  Progress!  This will be a nice thing to make to get breakfast protein, it tastes like a cold winter morning hearty food to me.  (But not heavy the way breakfast sausage taste to me.)  

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4/24/17 D4 M3:

http://www.peanutbutterrunner.com/slow-cooker-butter-chicken-paleo-whole30/ with roasted sweet potatoes, tomato juice and watermellon.  Had to warm up the coconut oil  to get it on sweet potato- it was solid and is kinda a pain to work with. 


Have to say, that butter chicken was a HUGE hit with husband.  He let me know several times that if I wanted to make it again he'd be happy to eat it.  Lol

burn on hand from yesterday is less bad than we feared, but it is blistering in spots. Also got humdinger of a headache just after dinner.  So I'm prob off to bed early tonight. 

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4/25/17 D5 M1:

1 1/2 cups beef broth, tomato juice, fresh made almond milk, cucumber.  


OK, I can do this.  The most difficult part of Whole 30 eating for me is the dang breakfast.  While it has been keeping me feeling  full and energized until lunch, it is unappetizing and hard to swallow and frankly a very unpleasant experience.  Meat (since I can't eat eggs), Fat (that is not milk) and veggies just taste horribly wrong to me in the morning.  

Then there is the time and cooking thing. One reason I went on Whole30 eating plan and not a traditional diet was to get healthy and keep the STRESS I often encounter when trying to 'diet' or 'eat better' under control.  STRESSING over cooking a meal first thing in the A.M. is not going to help.  And I think it is an unhealthy way to start my day.

So, how to go Whole30 at breakfast without cooking (frankly, cooking at all is a stresser to me unless I have all the time I want to do it) and keeping my taste bud rebellion to a minimum?  (Who knew one of the things I'd miss most was my morning oatmeal? )  Drinking calories is discouraged but in that vein I've ruled out smoothies altogether -- any fruit (breakfast, lunch dinner or snack) I'm having is fresh and whole.  Tomato juice is borderline, I suppose, but I'm only allowing myself Tomato Juice when I have a corresponding veggie 'crunch' - i.e. carrots, celery, or cucumber with it.  So I'm taking my morning protein and fat in liquid form.  It is quick to prepare (leaving me time to just sit with my food and de-stress about the day), and is home made (both the almond milk and beef broth are home made and therefore as nutritious as I can make them). 

Whole30 compliant, yes.  In the Spirit of Whole30?  On the one hand, it may be borderline SPIRIT of the program for the 30 days reset period.  On the other hand, it is a sustainable post reset period eating habit I think I can get behind and that has to count for a lot, imo.  

So, chica, keep looking for no fuss/muss breakfast protien that isn't liquid, but don't stress about it.  On weekends, breakfast taco meat sounds like a good plan. :)  As for that fat, man that fresh almond milk sucked this a.m.  I can gag a glass down, but you have to improve it.  Try soaking vanilla bean with the almonds maybe?  cinnamon?  1/2 almond milk and 1/2 coconut milk maybe?  I'll have to do some research and experimenting.  

And, chica, this talking to yourself thing... LOL

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Oh, and that headache hit just post dinner last night and lasted until sometime between 6:00 AM (when I awoke and went to bathroom, head was still splitting) and 7:15 a.m. when my alarm aroused me from bed.  So, YAY no headache this morning, but I am tired and droopy as it impeded on my sleep last night ALOT.

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4/25/17 D5 M2:

Leftover Cinnamon Hot Wakeup, lettuce wrapped guacamole, tomato juice and cucumber slices.  LOL, hubby finished off my leftover Cinnamon Hot Wakeup, he really likes it.  


BUT, got way too hungry this afternoon and had to snack.  Did so intelligently, 1/2 mug of beef broth.  That and some green tea seem to have quieted hunger down, Dinner is just around the corner, so YAY

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4/25/17/ D5 M3:

Sous Vide chicken breast, Beef Broth, 1/2 baked russet potato with clarified butter, romaine letuce wrap with guac, tomato juice and cucumber slices.  

Tomorrow will be hard because I have to go sit with MIL post her surgery.  

Still struggling with hungry/satiated balance, my head/taste buds/stomach all have different ideas.  Early days, so I don't expect otherwise, but am noticing that the amount of food I think should be a good amount is always way short (get hungry again too quickly) or leaves my stomach feeling overfull.  

As for symptoms, still have a couple of pimples (that broke out on D2, I think) and all the usual aches and pains, maybe just slightly improved if at all (and could be placebo effects) .  

Watched movie That Sugar Film today.  Horrifying.  I feel amazingly lucky, I certainly was taking in too much sugar (as it is in just about everything) but something in my body must have been wired well because I don't think I ever had the same highs from eating sugar as the narrator reported (thus I think the sugar was less addicting. ... Well, so far so good anyway.  

Day 5  done.  No drastic feeling changes on Whole30 to report.  No mood swings on Whole30 to report.  Hmm, the only thing besides the kitchen crankies (I'm not fond of the Kitchen, tht is for sure) to report is that headache the night of Day 3 to Day 4.  

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When did I become a forum "Advanced Member"?  I'm still a newbie! :huh:

So, before I post yesterday's meals (I was with MIL in post surgical recovery yesterday, not a good time to try to log my meals online, but I noted everything down and I'll get it up here soon) Let's do the end of the week thoughts.  Today is day 7 for me.

I'm not really missing dairy too much - I will be glad to get cheese again, but it isn't really that hard to do without for a time.  I don't miss the sugar, and am definitely planning to keep the added sugar foods off my grocery bill for maybe forever.  The others, I'll reintroduce smartly, but don't see any reason to expect they will make up a large part of my diet again, I don't miss them much except for specific recipes.  (Well, green peas, I used to eat green peas with almost every home cooked meal (not that I cooked much) so many meals don't feel finished without them.  

I had 1/2 a baked potato on day 5 and the other 1/2 day 6.  For someone who has struggled (sometimes more, sometimes less) with her weight her whole adult life, and for whom a low carb diet was the ONLY way to lose weight it feels verboten to eat potatoes.  I know I'm not on a weight loss diet, but my adult relationship with the potato was it is the devil demon food that must be slayed.  So, I FELT like I was cheating on the Whole30 to eat it.  Since the whole idea here is to change my relationship with foods, I've decided I must have a white russet potato (yummmmm) each week.  One a week while on Whole30.  Try to get it into my head that this is a good nutritious food that I should partake of, but partake of moderately.  That habit might take a LOT longer than 30 days to implant so I might have to make up my post Whole30 "Big52" - my big picture eating habits I want to instil over the next year - on a weekly basis.  

I do well with plans - especially plans that while structured have a lot of flexibility (I'm a moderator, not an abstainer obviously) So, I'm going to give some serious thought to a BIG 21 or BIG 52 plan to help me move forward.  I'm pretty sure that, at a minimum, my psychological relation to food will need a lengthier time period to sort out. 

The only symptoms I see in myself from the first 7 days are headaches.  I had a whopper on day 3 I think, and I'm waking up in the middle of the night (with hot flashes) and finding I have headaches.  Even right now, if I think about it I have a 3 scale headache (scale 0-10).  No craving or eating impulses that are hard to control, so I should count myself lucky, I think.

So, TLDR:  Feel pretty much as I did 7 days ago.  Am glad to be eating healthier, tho, and am full of ideas how to continue healthy eating going forward.

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4/26/17/ D6 M1:  Beef broth, Tomato juice, cucumber, homemade almond milk

D6 M2:  Tomato juice, carrots, 1/2 potato with clarified butter, Chicken breast (Sous Vide, plain)

D6 M3:  Chicken breast (plain) carts, Guacamole, roasted zuchinnis (lots and lots of roasted Zuchinni - lol) 

Afternoon snack 2 servings macademia nuts.


Yesterday was with my MIL all day post surgical procedure.  I had to bring my food with, but think it went very well!  

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