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Day 14 Sickness


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Hello everyone! this post might be wayyy TMI, but I am desperate!

I am on day 14 of my whole30, and have been feeling really great so far! Last night I made turkey chili from a whole30 recipe I found and that's when it all began..

I woke up in the middle of the night with incredible stomach pain. I was on the toilet for about 15 minutes when I suddenly had to grab something to vomit in. The vomiting lasted another 20 minutes, and I thought I had gotten it all out of my system, but I returned to the bathroom to repeat everything just a half hour later.

The chili was spicy, but I triple checked all of my ingredient to make sure they were compliant- my boyfriend ate the chili as well and he said he feels fine!


Background: I am in graduate school and I have finals coming up next week, and have been under quite a bit of stress from that and my crazy work schedule. I drink a ton of water everyday, and I never drink caffeine. I work at a doctors office, so there's a possibility it is some kind of stomach bug (but I wanted to check here first)! I am also slated to start my period any day now, so could this be due to a hormonal change? I never really ate terribly before whole30 (no wheats, 100% gluten free, hardly any dairy) but had a terrible sweet tooth and loved cheese, butter and wine on the weekends.

With all of that being said- has anyone else experienced anything like this? Could it be the spices in the chili? Or is it more likely a stomach bug?

I still am reeling from last night's issues, and I am scared to eat anything so I won't trigger getting sick again. Any ideas as to what I should eat?


Thanks to everyone!! And good luck!

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