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First Half NSV's


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Today is day 12 of my whole 30, so not quite halfway but almost.  about 2 weeks prior to my start date i began eliminating non-compliant foods from my diet so i wouldn't have a full blown intense detox... it was SUPER helpful and spread out the detoxing symptoms in a more manageable way. As i have been writing my log I noted some NSV's and thought i should compile them and post them here.

NSV's from Day 9:

-my mom said my skin looks clearer.... i guess its maybe a liittle less red... hard for me to tell when i look at it daily

-definitely less bloated yay!

-i feel like i can do this

NSV's from Day 12:

-i feel like im thinking about food less. and i really enjoy not eating every 2 hrs. i RELIGIOUSLY ate every 2-3 hrs and would get super hangry before.  i enjoy the 4+ hrs between meals

-my jeans are definitely falling down today... maybe because i havent washed them in forever and theyre stretched out... maybe because i lost weight....

-i came to the conclusion that theres several foods that I have eliminated that I would be pretty OK with leaving out on a daily basis... Bread for example.... i really dont need it daily ... i only really like it when its really good homemade bread.... so i think id survive with a sandwich occasionally from a really great restaurant or bread and oil occasionally on a weekend dinner date.   Im also pretty sure i can convert over to an almond or coconut milk based creamer.... i still really miss the hint of sugar in my coffee... i will deifnitely not need as much as before but its just SO BITTER to me without just a little bit of sweet

-also between Day 9 & 12 i was able to successfully eat out at a restaurant AND meet up with some friends and pass on the alcoholic beverages and nachos!

- I LOVE the black and white rules. it eliminates the argument i usually have in my head on whether or not i want to eat something

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