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Today is Day 15


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Greetings all.  At the halfway point I can say I have noticed some mild changes but nothing too dramatic so far.  In general I feel like my tummy is a little flatter though I'm not actually sure that is the case.  Temperamentally I also feel a little more resilient and not as irritable in some situations as I was before.  Getting the prescribed amount of sleep is among my more difficult-to-reach goals and something to improve.  I am hoping that some time during week 3 or 4 I will experience an uptick in energy during morning swims.  I felt noticeably less energetic the first two weeks of the program and would love to feel some boost.  All in all, I am determined to see this through and believe in the benefits.  I am not sure I can stay away from things like wine, beer and a few treats forever.  That said, I am very persuaded by all of the good reasons to do a Whole30 and assuming I succeed - and I am not taking that for granted - I can definitely see the value in some permanent changes.  This forum is a really cool place.  Thanks for being here!

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