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Food in the South Puget Sound Area


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Hi All,

I just thought I would throw out some suggestions for those who live in the South Puget Sound Area. These are the stores I frequent; besides Trader Joe's

Marlene's in Tacoma is a great natural food store, all organic and mostly locally sourced. They have an ok meat selection but it is frozen :( Also they have an awesome bulk section if you are looking for things like coconut flour, and other harder to find items....


Also Tacoma Boy's in both Tacoma and Puyallup has a good fresh meat selection for both pork, beef and seafood; I would probably trust them more than the chain grocery stores. They also have decent organic vegetable section; and I think all of their produce and maybe their meat is locally sourced.. And they carry Ghee, which Marlene's did not, wierd...


Anyway I look forward to talking with you all and I hope for anyone in the south sound, or moving here this helps..


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