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April 25 Start for Round 2 + Weight Lifting


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Hi all,

April 25th -- tomorrow - is start day for Round 2)!  I did a full 30 last year - finishing just before Thanksgiving.  At the end of the W30 I felt so amazing inside and out.  I had started the W30 about 4 weeks into a 12 week weight lifting program (New Rules of Lifting for Women), the first time I undertook a structured weight training program -- and the combo resulted in great external results.  I know W30 isn't about weight loss - but this combo resulted in what I thought was a dual-win:  1) Had the sugar dragon under control and 2) gained more strength and muscle than thought was possible (I've always been the 'fluffy one' with little muscle tone and weak everything - LOL).    I was on top of the world.

But, I didn't do a proper re-intro and instead, fist over fist of baked goods (my weakness, my sugar dragon on steroids).  After a week or so of mini-binges -- I started a half-baked W30 and just didn't commit.  I was very 'meh' -- good enough.  Wrong.   All the amazing physical benefits (energy, glowing skin, sleep!!) and emotional benefits (confidence, calmness, joy) have slowly started slipping -- and just like that, I feel like I've just woken up to my 'before.'

I know I deserve better - and thus deserve to commit to a full W30.  Thus, onward to the 'real' Round 2.

I'm also a week into a second round of weight lifting - it felt so good to be strong!  I have found that I haven't lost it all --it's true what they say about 'muscle memory' as while I have definitely lost strength, after just one week I can feel those hard-to-reach muscles firing up (glutes!). 

Anyone else starting on April 25?  Or starting Round 2 soon?  

Best wishes to us all!  





and thought "I can do the re-intro 'my way' and be fine."  Wrong.  I immediately went to sugar thinking "I'm trying this out to see if I'm good with sugar now" -- and at first, I seemed okay, but then I just lost any sense of control.  

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