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Day 12 - I like to move it move it!


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I'm on Day 12. Here are some random observations.

I fee like if someone said "Let's wrestle!" I'd totally win. 

I have to put my blood pressure medication out where I can see it because I no longer have physical reminders that my body requires medicinal intervention. Looking forward to my next doctor's visit! And I NEVER say that!

Sometimes I'm just tired of food. Well our food. And its limited variety.

I'm still amazed at how satiated I am after eating. Snacking is non existent.

My body tells ME  "hey let's go to the gym!" and gets disappointed when my schedule doesn't allow it. (So I get up from my desk and do burpees. Burpees for pete's sake. And I bring weights to work and actually lift them. Oh and i can walk like the wind. And my cardio endurance is way up, man)

I found Primal Mayo! Yes it's expensive, but time is money, too. One hour of my life is worth $42,000,000,000,000,000.01. so the 5 mins it takes to make mayo is....

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