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Day 16 of first Whole 30 - feeling great!


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Hi guys!!!! I am on day 16 of my first ever Whole 30! I am feeling wonderful! I miss cocktails.......other than that, I find this pretty easy to follow! Oh......I am also really wishing I could weigh myself! So curious about my loss so far! I am being good though!! In January I weighed 238! I joined Ladyboss January 21st and have since gotten down to 217 (as of April 10th when I started Whole 30). I would LOVE to get under 200 before my trip to Jamaica in June! Working hard to make it happen! 

Happy to join this forum and would gladly accept any suggestions you all might have for conquering the Whole 30 and beyond!

Thanks, guys! Pleasure to meetcha!!! :) 

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