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Hi Team,

I'm new to the W30, but not to Paleo. I started this new life back in March and i've read everything i've could with the time that i have. I'm fascinated by the pure science and simplicity of eating the was we are intended too and i could never go back.

I have some health issues: hormones out of whack, leaky gut, anxiety. For this reason i feel a good reset would be healthy for me. I also fee,l i need a good period where i don't sway from the paleo way, a period where i could strengthen the new habits that i've been trying to learn. The whole 30 is perfect for this. OS i figured i'd come in here and state my goals, and hopefully enlist some of you to support me. Here we go:

1)Go to Bed by 10

2)Eat the right amount, not overeat

3)Eat only when hungry

4)Learn to listen to my body

5)Relax and not stress about food

6)Learn to live this way in a world of people that eat and drink in excess and going against convention is "weird"

So there it is :) I"m sure many of you share these same goals, or others. Let me know if we are on the same page. We can do this!

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