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Meal timing?


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I usually get up at 7.15am, but don't have time to get breakfast before I leave so I normally don't have breakfast until 9/9.30am. I also eat lunch around 12.30-1pm, but don't have dinner until usually 9pm.  I also want to start working out in the morning (i.e. getting up earlier to do this), but still may not have time to have breakfast before I get to work at 9/9.30am. 

I also usually snack quite a lot on fruit during the day, which I think will have to change based on what I'm reading.

Is this damaging my Whole30 attempts?



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If you can get up earlier to workout, why can't you get up earlier to eat breakfast?  You really should be trying to work out a schedule that you're eating your first meal of the day within an hour of waking.  You may also need a fourth meal or a mini meal between lunch and dinner, which is totally fine, just make it protein and fat if it's a mini meal and if it's a full meal, make it to the template.

Yes, you will have to stop snacking on fruit... fruit is recommended as 0-2 fist sized servings a day, eaten WITH meals, not as a snack or on its own.

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