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second time around


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I am finally ready, I think, for my second time around.  I have tried a couple times but my stomach distress was too much.  I am on day 4 and other than some exhaustion today after a strenuous core yoga class, my body is holding up well.  I finally weighed myself just to get a starting point and I have gained 1 pound since my first time a year and a half ago.  So, I guess this one is just to get a better handle on the foods that are still causing aches and pains.  And maybe to get a reduction in my RLS meds again like it did last time. I take Horizant now for my RLS and it has had a side effect of stopping all digestive problems which is wonderful.  But is does make me feel a little drugged and I would like to lower the dose.  The food itself is pretty easy, I have really never gotten back into junk food and only had to forego the occasional dairy and chocolate and rice to get back on Whole 30.  I have not eaten much sugar or grains or legumes since the first time so I don't think it will much of a struggle. That is if my digestive problems don't reoccur.

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