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Starting again before it gets out of hand.


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Hi all,

This is my second time around my first was 3 years ago now. I have completely fallen off the bandwagon with my food, over Christmas and Easter I decided to make poor food choices and a lot of excuses. I'm back now. My last whole 30 was a success, not in weight but in the way my body looked and felt, and in the way my mind perceived my body. 

I'm excited to be starting again, I'm excited to stop the mood swings and the ugly feeling in my gut. I'm ready to feel at the top of my game again. 

I'm starting May 1st 2017 

Looking forward to sharing stories and support on here 

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Hello Cassandra,  I am also re-starting today May 2.  I completed whole 30 in February of this year.  I felt great at the end!  Since then, I've stayed mostly paleo but had little cheats here and there. Last month I was eating something bad daily. The cheats added up as I have gained weight and feel awful.  I am committed to going back on the whole 30 plan.  I hope to hear from others and be in an on-line support group. 


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