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I am LOVING that I can post my own log as a thread. Enter accountability!!

I have been mulling over Whole30 for quite some time. I kept thinking it wouldn't be possible for me. And then I realized...being pregnant 2x I gave up plenty for 9 months. I have given up favorite items...including wine...for Lent. 40 days! I can do this.

I WILL do this.

I want this!

I am in it for the weight  loss but have been CRAVING a life-style change. I need to prove to myself that I can do it.

I commit to loggin in every day my meals, exercise, non-scale victories and challenges.

My main worries are the stressed days rushing to get to my kids activities....being bored (I work from home) and mindlessly grazing....and am worried about the mind games especially during days 8-28!

Here are my pre-Whole 30 negative issues:


40lb overweight (on the restricted side. 25 lbs would be minimal weight loss goal). 

Always tried; sleep too much or insomnia intermittently

red skin / dryness

constantly thinking about food / next meal / cooking

overindulging on wine

brain fog


My Whole 30 Goals:

I am excited to see how my body will change 

I hope to gain more energy

I hope to wake up with pep and not immediately hit snooze

Be proud of myself for accomplishing this challenge

LIFESTYLE CHANGE....I want this to become more than will-power but freedom from food!

Easily pass up temptations

Lose weight and inches

Exercise regularly

Increaded mood!

Feel better in my clothes 


I have my meal plan for week 1 laid out. My grocery list is ready. I scheduled "Whole30" in my phone daily for 30 days and re-introduction for 10 days after. I scheduled meal planning for Thursday so I can prep and shop the weekend before Week 2 again. I have 3 emergency meals as back-up.  I look forward to a glass of wine on Day 31....if I still want it! 


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Day 1

Frexcited!  Whenever I start a new diet plan, I always wake up on the first day feeling agitated, annoyed or almost in a  panic. Today, I did not! Don't get me wrong, it isn't all rainbows and butterflies. I am super nervous and don't know what to expect in full....but I feel good about this. I did hit the snooze but did not fall back asleep. I completed a workout. I took Fish Oil w/ D3 from the whole30 recommended brand along with the mutli-vitamin from pure encapsulations, also whole 30 brand (serving size = 3?!) My digestive enzymes have not arrived from Amazon as they were supposed to. I also took a tip from the book and waited until AFTER breakfast to enjoy my coffee.  Breakfast was delicious, by the way. (Spinach frittata..did not eat the fruit and  I held off on the avocado).

So far, so good.

I had lunch about 4 hours after meal 1. I wasn't very hungry but had to leave so knew I needed to eat otherwise it would be a couple of hours until I could again. Protein salad included chicken, lettuce, bell pepper, cucumber ,carrots and a drizzle of balsamic and olive oil. I added a handful of cashews on the side for my fat and did not have room for the banana from earlier. Maybe I will add a fruit for after meal 3.

Dinner was 6:30 and I was hungry. Not starving but ready to eat. The suggested meal was amazing...my entire family enjoyed it and it will definitely be a rotating dinner! I did not add my fruit (I had two helpings of dinner....not sure if that is good or not but I ended the meal satisfied, almost full and did not look or need to snack that evening).

I drank 2 liters of water throughout the day.

Day 1 was a success! Phew.

I took a picture of my prep and my supplements from Sunday but can't find it on my phone. Attached is a pic of Meal 3 on Day 1.




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Day 2

I slept well....fell asleep quickly and woke up 1x but only because of all the water I drank!! I woke up shortly before my alarm and felt rested.

I skipped my workout...my daughter woke up earlier then normal and it is her birthday. She was so excited I did not have the heart to ignore her for a workout.

I had my coffee pre-breakfast today.....

I did not wind up eating breakfast until 8:30-9 AM ...leftover frittata from Day 1 w/ 1/4 of an avocado, no fruit.

I felt hungry and was tempted to grab some cucumber slices around 11:30 but the moment passed, I got distracted and before I knew it I survived by the time I sat down for my lunch at 1:30. With water and 2 digestive enzymes, I enjoyed half a plate of steamed broccoli / cauliflower sprinkled with sea salt and red pepper. Baked potato w/ ghee and leftover grilled chicken topped with leftover Whole30 tomato sauce. OMG. Delicious. If all meals are this good.......

Tonight we are headed to a hibachi restaurant for my daughter's bday. I called ahead and they use vegetable oil so I plan to have a plain salad with avocado and I will enjoy my pre-made turkey chili when we come home. No wine, no cake....I got this!


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Day 2 ended successfully, albeit a bit cranky. I wound up having steamed chicken and veggies, completely plain, at the restaurant and did not desire the meal everyone was eating. 

I drank 66 oz throughout the day. I had  magnesium at bedtime and fell asleep quickly and early. 

But woke up cranky and foggy! Hopefully this passes quickly but I anticipated it happening and have warned the family. And as day 3 begins I am debating my workout in lieu of letting my body heal... 

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Meal 1 ...made spaghetti squash frittata. Took my supplements while it cooked. It was awhile in between and I felt sick as I was eating it. Maybe it was because I took the fish oil without eating right away? Either way I ate half of the meal. I will save the rest for tomorrow.

I am "snacking" on a banana ... 11:15. Not sure if it was because I didn't eat my full breakfast or I have day 3 symptoms. But I am running out and wanted to have something before I am back for lunch. I did get a 45 min walk in.

Day 2 ended successfully. Although I was SO cranky it was awful!!!!!

I did take the magnesium supplement. I could not fall asleep that easily and had some night sweats. I am looking forward to this (hopefully) going away.

Tracking my meals in fitness pal...not for calorie counting but for easy logging purposes. It is much easier and holds me accountable.



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Day 3and 4 . Sleep foggy in the morning, woke up a few times. I took my morning supplements and again felt nauseous during breakfast. Tomorrow I will skip the fish oil and see if that is the culprit. Day 4 was a super busy day and by the time dinner rolled around I was at a school function and wound up eating a hard boiled egg to make sure I had something. So I had 3 meals but meal 3 was not full....but I was not hungry so I am not sure how much I would have eaten regardless. I did not take the magnesium before bedtime.

Day 5 Super tired and foggy...seems like this is the hangover. Skipped the fish oil and seem to be ok. Tomorrow I will try it with Meal 2. Tracking meals in myfitness pal (for accountability, not calorie tracking!)

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I haven't been logging but I have made it to Day 9! I survived my first weekend, passed up wine, birthday cake and avoided snacking. I am still feeling tired in the  morning but based on the timeline in another week or few days most of the hardships should pass. I know that this week is the week most people quit and I know that I will not. I am definitely a little less testier and I feel happier. I have more energy and drive. Looking forward to seeing what week 2 has to bring!


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Stumbled on your food log and you sound so much like me in terms of pre-Whole30 issues and vices!! I'm a mom of 3 (6, 4 & 1), and I work from home which leaves a lot of time for mindless snacking. Wine is also my favorite indulgence. I just started today. Hope you're doing well!

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