Reintro to black beans


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It's incredible to me the effects your diet has on your body. Last night, I wanted to try eating black bean nachos from Gringos. Not surprisingly, I went to bed extremely full and with indigestion. However, I was surprised to wake up with a stuffy/itchy nose, super tired, and foggy feeling. After a little research to refresh my memory, beans are high in histamine. This is great insight into my allergies. Histamine reactions can be caused by many things. It's interesting to now know that specific foods I eat can really affect different systems in the body.

Bye bye black beans.

Also note, the cheese made me feel super swollen all over, including my knuckles (which I knew dairy did to me even before I started Whole30).

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Thank you! I don't know that I have been doing the reintro to plan. I'm more reintroducing meals that I used to eat before I started whole30. I didn't realize how swollen my whole body felt after eating so much garbage (and I would do it multiple times a week). 

Now that I've seen how sugar, dairy and legumes react in my body, I'm probably just going to keep to the whole30 plan for life. I don't like soy anyway since I have a uterine fibroid and I don't want to "feed" it. 

All in all, I feel so much healthier and lighter eating whole clean foods. I am so so so glad I tried this program. 

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