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I found a compliant (ingredient wise) cashew yogurt. I am doing the vegetarian plan, eating eggs and seafood for protein. My body doesn't tolerate dairy. I am hoping to add a small amount of this yogurt once a day or so when I need a break from eggs. Is this an ok alternative to kefir or greek yogurt that's allowed on the vegetarian plan? If so, are there recommendations to how often it's eaten?

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Hey there @aprkr619 & welcome to Whole30!

The recommendation is that if you are willing to eat seafood & eggs that you should not mix & match the plans - it's either omnivore or vegetarian.

There are some compliant coconut yoghurts out there which can be used in sauces/marinades or to make dishes like raita - not to be eaten with fruit/nuts in the way some are accustomed to with a dairy yoghurt. The same would apply here, but bear in mind that nuts are recommended to be eaten in moderation - say a closed handful (or equivalent in nut butter) every other day max.

Hope this helps :)

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