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Support - May 3rd Start


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Hi Whole30 Family,

I just started yesterday (May 3rd) and I am seeking support. I am doing this program alone striving towards a goal of better nutrition for a longer, healthier life. I am fortunate that I don't have any health issues - at this time - and I would like to keep it that way since I am turning 50 in 10 months. I have dedicated this year to implementing a better nutrition/fitness regimen. My struggles are that I am an addict (insane amounts of Coca-Cola every day for years) and lack of any form of exercise until 4 years ago. I rarely eat sweets and love to cook, so I think that will help. I am intrigued by the program because it is just a transformation of what and how I am eating. So I am willing to re-train my eating habits. As prescribed by my doctor 4 years ago, I started running to deal with an emotional crisis and that helped for a short period of time but I HATE RUNNING (but love the results) so I am not consistent.  I started with a personal trainer a few months ago which really helped me get focused on my fitness regimen, but I really want to be able to focus on fitness/nutrition as a way of life. I want to resume running and continue a fitness regimen independently as a way of life.  But food is very sensitive.....as we all know.

So clearly, I am focused and committed, but would love support!  This change is important to me and I would appreciate support and encouragement from anyone and will provide the same.

Let's all strive for better health!!!!

Good luck Whole30 Family!


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