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Today marks day 33 of my Whole 30 journey and I am super excited to share my results.  I apologize in advance for the length of this post but happy to share.  This is just the beginning of a new & healthier lifestyle.

  • Weight Lost:  13 pounds
  • Waist:  down 3”
  • R Bicep:  down .25”
  • Chest:  down 1.75”
  • Hips:  down 2.5”
  • R Thigh:  down 2.5”

 **21 visits to my crossfit gym & several PR’s hit #CrossfitCoMo

Secrets to success:

  • ·         Thoroughly read the Whole 30 materials online and book “It Starts with Food” prior to first day
  • ·         Carried the Whole 30 approved list while grocery shopping and asked Siri lots of questions while at the store
  • ·         Did Whole 30 with a friend.  Shared recipes, shopping lists, even cooked together
  • ·         Signed up for Whole 30 daily email – so encouraging and great information at just the right times!
  • ·         Bought the Whole 30 Cookbook and tried so many wonderful & new recipes!
  • ·         Crossfit 3-5 times per week and PR’d several Olympic lifts (21 days in April to be exact)
  • ·         Willpower was spot on; I had committed to the Whole 30 on April 3 and knew I wasn’t budging or being defeated
  • ·         Went to the movies and brought nuts and club soda/lemon to eat/drink
  • ·         Always tried to stay prepared with a healthy snack or hard boiled eggs
  • ·         Drank SO MUCH WATER!
  • ·         Saved money on not eating out and alcohol!

 What Could have gone better:

  • ·         Got out more.  I stayed in most weekends and happily grocery shopped and cooked.  Went to a concert and drank club soda.  Otherwise, I stuck close to home most of the 30 days in order to not be tempted.  Now I’m more confident that I can be tempted and still make the right decisions.
  • ·         Grocery shopping for Whole 30 is a bit expensive but worth it in my opinion

 What I’ll do in the future, to keep doing better:

  • ·         Purchase the book “Food Freedom Forever”
  • ·         Shop at the Columbia Farmers Market 
  • ·         Reintroduce foods as prescribed by the program
  • Continue with the healthy eating & really ask myself if I want the processed food or not (this is probably mainly in the area of wine, I'm a wine lover, but don't need to drink just because it's Friday, or because it's sunny outside, etc. etc.

 What feels great:

  • ·         Clothes fit so much better
  • ·         Sleeping sound and getting 8 plus hours even on weekends
  • ·         Skin is clear and soft
  • ·         More energy and have PR’d several lifts at Crossfit this past month
  • ·         The food tastes so much better.  I truly enjoy finding new compliant recipes and experimenting

Thank you Melissa and Dallas for sharing your knowledge with the world!  I'm hooked!

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