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NSVs- My journey and how Whole 30 is helping me


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Good evening, everyone...

About three years ago, I started a journey.  At first, it was just a few questions in my head, like "why do I act that way?" and "How has my past affected my present and my future?"

I had a stroke in December, 2016, with heart surgery and a near-death experience, so I would say that my priorities really became a serious issue.  I had been one of "those" people - the ones who work all the time, who think of others all the time - before themselves, and the one who was irreplaceable.  I have never had children, and I am divorced (twice) and in no relationship- so I had a lot of issues to work through.  Anyway, the first thing that I had to examine was my work life, and why I felt that I needed to be needed. Then, I needed to figure out why my body was "letting me down" - lack of energy, lung problems, physical balance off, sleep problems...but before I knew what I needed to do to counter the stroke, I needed to know exactly how the stroke affected me...meaning, that I needed to know for certain if there were foods causing some of my symtoms.

At the same time, I figured out that some of my emotional issues were tied to my relationship with food.  How many people here were put on a diet at age 8 by their mothers?  I know that I am not the only one - and I know that it screws up the way we see food.  How many women have dealt with infertility and been told that they will never have children biologically?  I definitely know that I am not the only one with that situation - so, what does the depression and sense of loss do to your food choices?  Anyway, I knew that Whole 30 would be a great choice to help me come to a better understanding between me and food.

However, I wanted to have something to help me work on the psychological side - and at first I couldn't figure out the way I wanted to do it.  Then, I remembered a book I read last summer ,The Gift of Imperfection by Brene Brown.  I loved that book - and I did some research to find out that she has actually written FOUR books - I Thought That I was the Only One, The Gift of Imperfection, Rising Strong, and Daring Greatly. So, I ordered all of them, and started at the beginning...I am learning about shame, how it affects us, what triggers it, and how we can deal with it.  As I am reading through the books, it has become so apparent to me that the combination of  Whole 30 and these books have helped me immensely...and I am only on DAY 6!!!

I would highly recommend those books to everyone - female and male - as they are examining their relationship to food.  It is an eye-opening experience when you realize that things you have been carrying around with you since childhood have a direct affect on your eating habits and your attitude toward life.

Anyway, I have a long way to go - but I am truly excited by the progress I am making NSV. (By the way, now I arrive and leave 30 minutes before and after class, I only work weekends when there is an event, and I do NOT care about being indispensible.


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