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Working 12 hour night shifts

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Hey guys! It's my second day and let's just say. I'm overwhelmed. I work 3, 12-hour shifts a week at an ER from 6pm-6am. 

I can tell you now, I don't get hungry for dinner until 10pm sometimes even 1am those nights. (due to my sleep schedule, noon is actually my breakfast time) So I'm needing recipes that I can just warm up in our microwave at work. 

Also, when the ER is slow, I snack. I snack because it's late, I'm exhausted and bored.

Any ideas of good snacks and microwaveable dinners?! 

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Hey there & welcome to Whole30 :)

Snacking is not recommended, as the idea is to eat meals that will keep you feeling full for 4-5hrs, and to avoid that minDless eating we can sometimes do through boredom. If you have long stretches between meals then it's okay to eat, but just make it a mini meal - just like a template meal only smaller - or at least two of the three food groups, so something like hard boiled eggs, meatballs & mayo, chicken & guac for instance - protein & fat are always going to be your best options.

Pretty much all the recipes out there that are Whole30 compliant can be re-heated easily, and many of us batch cook on the weekend (or on a day where we have some time) and then reheat portions of what we've prepped throughout the week.

Shift work has been discussed quite extensively on the forums, so if you search via Google (typing say 'Wholel30 shift work' or 'Whole30 Night shifts') you should come up with links to previous discussions which might help you out.

Some ideas of good portable meals would be blended vegetable soup in a flask with the afore mentioned meatballs or maybe chicken wings or similar on the side with some mayo/sauce for dipping, any kind of filled 'wrap' - using lettuce or steamed cabbage as the wrap, slices of frittata, meatza, huge salads with added chicken or pulled pork for protein......

Hope this helps.

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I used to work 12h days so not quite the same but still shift work in a hospital... I posted a lot of pictures in this log.  Some of which were at work.  

When the ER is slow, do air squats ;)



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