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Is it possible this isn't for everyone?

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Hey guys, I am on day 15 . Days 6 and 7 felt pretty good for me and after that I've been on a decline. I'm really sad all the time, I'm having the opposite effects I should be having with skin and sleep. My skin is usually very clear, I'm experiencing the worst breakout of my adult life and I feel like I haven't slept in days. 


Before whole 30 I ate relatively well. I like to cook so I don't eat a whole lot of fast food or junk. I'm trying to figure out if this program might just be the wrong thing for my body. Is that possible? I'm not losing any weight which isn't the goal, but I'm also experiencing intense cravings for things I barely ate before the program like donuts. 


Here are some typical meals for me:

breakfast: 1 cup sweet potato noodles with a fried egg and 2 tbsp egg whites and a banana

lunch: today will be BBQ pork and fried cauliflower rice 

dinner is usually the same as lunch because I cook in bulk. Sometimes I only eat two meals because I work retail and wake up late and then will have my "lunch" around 6 or 7 and I don't like to eat again after 9. By the way I'm cooking almost everything in coconut oil and o drink coffee a lot with almond milk, multiple times throughout the day. 

any advice is appreciated. I think I may need to stop. I feel awful. 

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Hey @Marshii1390 - sorry to hear you're having a hard time.... It's difficult to tell exactly how much you're eating from the way you've listed your food, but two things are very apparent - you don't list any fat, and you're often eating only two meals - and even without knowing portion sizes I'm guessing ALL of the meals listed are on the small side.

The human brain is 60% fat, so it stands to reason that to feed your brain you need to feed it fat - it provides satiety, and is pleasurable, it lifts the mood & provides energy - without it you will feel down.

Three meals a day, even to the low end of the template, are the absolute minimum that we'd recommend anyone eat - you look to be well below that and so your body is trying to tell you to eat more. It's playing nutritional catch up.... No wonder you feel awful.

Why are you not eating three WHOLE eggs?

What does your daily schedule look like? Perhaps we can help you adjust meal timings so that you have time for that third meal...?

How much water are you drinking daily? Are you salting your food? Are you working out too?

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I do try to incorporate avocados and nuts. And I eat a lot of salmon, just not today. I'm not eating three whole eggs simply because it hadn't occurred to me. I found an easy breakfast recipe I enjoyed and that's what I've been making mostly every single day, the egg white is really just kind of like a glue to hold the sweet potato noodles from falling apart 

my schedule revolves- when I work an opening shift I have no trouble eating three meals because I do breakfast before work, lunch at work, and dinner at home. On a day like today where I work 11-8 or 12-9, I wake up with enough time to make breakfast and get ready for work. Once I'm at work, I don't have a meal break until 4/5/6 depending on the day and when I get home I won't eat. 

I really don't drink a lot of water almost ever, I drink a cup of water with every meal but other than that I drink a whole lot of coffee. This could be my problem now that I'm thinking about it? 

I am using a ton of salt on my food and I'm not working out, I just don't have time or energy for workouts right now

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The lack of water could certainly be a part of the problem - we recommend a half an ounce per pound of body weight, daily.

Salt-wise you sound to be okay.

I know you said you're eating nuts & avocados, but how much and how often? As I said above you don;t mention ANY fats. Remember that cooking fat mostly stays in the pan...

Egg-wise a serving of eggs when they are your only source of protein in a meal would be the number of WHOLE eggs you can hold in one hand without dropping - that's 3-4 for most females - and the yolk is where the nutrients are at. Eat the whole egg.

On the days that you are not opening, could you not waken earlier, and incorporate a mini meal just before you start work? Honestly two meals (unless they are HUGE) is not enough fuel for your body to carry out normal functions, let alone provide you with energy to work.

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