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half-cycle bleeding on BC


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So I'm on Day10 of my 1st Whole 30 and everything was going really well until this morning when I noticed some bleeding. I was wondering if anyone has had a simlar issue.

I'm halfway through my cycle and I've been taking the pill for a couple of months now- (prescribed for severe amenorrhea for over 1 year). Is this normal? Should I make changes in my diet?

Side note: Since I started Whole30 I've been avoiding fruit. It's a binge trigger for me, and one of the main reasons of doing the W30 is trying to break the mental association of food-as-a-coping-mechanism I tend to make. fruit would just substitute for candy..


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9 minutes ago, Am_S said:

Is this normal?


If you have a read through the section of the forum you've just posted in you'll find numerous discussions about early periods, second periods, & mid cycle bleeding on birth control to name but a few. There are two threads pinned to the top of this section that you may find useful...

Basically the Whole30 helps to balance hormones, and the birth control pill is basically hormones so it stands to reason that there will be some period (if you'll excuse the pun!) of adjustment.

Hope this helps :)

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