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Day 30!


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Today's my day 30! 

Reflections: this was hard, but not that hard. I loved the food. Made me much more mindful of how to get through a meal. I have done the Clean Program six times and I am always desperate for it to end after 21 days. When I started this the extra 9 days seemed like it would feel interminable. The BIG difference on this is that you are eating three meals, not subbing meals for shakes and soups. I believe it will be so much better for actually making lifestyle changes. I read today's email and am definitely in the 'Fear of less healthy foods = ride your own bike. If you’re afraid to come off the Whole30 because the idea of eating bread or ice cream terrifies you… it’s time to ride your own bike. Don’t be afraid of off-plan foods! Remember, you’re in control now, not your food choices. Follow the reintroduction schedule carefully, and know that you’ll always have the Whole30 to fall back on, if things start heading down that slippery slope" category. I have fears of my family showing up tomorrow finding that I've Hoovered the leftover lemon bars I baked for teacher appreciation (and did not take one bite or lick of a spoon) and guzzled a bottle of Rose! I don't think I'll do that, but sure might be tempted. 

Benefits: I haven't had a pimple in weeks. I have a fused ankle that swells, a lot! It has been very cooperative. I'm mostly sleeping better. My belly is flatter. I've had a rough year with stress and some big losses. My alcohol consumption had gotten too high. Third glass of wine on most week nights. Not good on so many levels. Resetting that button is huge for me. 

Room for growth: I workout everyday with a relatively high intensity. I need to be conscientious of nut, bar and fruit snacks. Are they for sustenance or just filling some kind of craving? Maybe sticking to a boiled egg or chomp stick as my go to will help me decide. 

Forecasts: I will never eat another roll from the basket at a fundraising luncheon or dinner. I will never eat a standard passed canapé again. I won't mindlessly refill my wine glass. I don't think I'll want a big ole milky latte ever again. I'll keep up my workouts. And when I indulge in things like pizza, pasta, ice cream and other sweets it will be intentionally. No more bags of mini Reese's covertly consumed after multiple guilty trips to the pantry. 

I hope everyone who started this group made it! 

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