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Whole21! Who's with me? :)

(m)eat to live

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Starting November 1st and staying clean til Thanksgiving! Anyone else want to join in??

I finished my first Whole30 on September 30th and I've been off-roading a bit since then. After a month of good food, I felt pretty darn phenomenal. I am fortunate enough to not have any severe reactions to anything I've reintroduced, but the sum of my choices since then has definitely left me feeling less-than-great. And let's face it, after you've felt Whole-30-Great, anything less than is only tolerable for so long.

So I think I'll do a Whole21! This will help me in a few ways:

It will keep me away from the Halloween candy sales this week. (It's still not special just because it's 75% off!)

It will let me reset before the holidays. (By the way, I loved today's post.)

It will give me the power to say "no" and mean it. (I'm no good with moderation - moderation means I don't have to say "no," which actually makes it harder to say "no!")

So, who's with me? Come on, it will be fun! ;)

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