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Whole30 in college cafeteria

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My concern is that because I am eating off a meal plan, the Whole30-compliant options are limited at my school cafeteria. They rarely have compliant potatoes (maybe once a week), and I'm always having a salad (mostly spinach, avocado when they have it) with grilled chicken for lunches and dinners. Will this be a nutrition problem? I think I'm getting enough of each macronutrient, maybe except for carbohydrates because I think my main source of carbs is currently fruit (about 2-3 servings per day). Will the lack of variety of nutrient sources be bad for my body?


More details:

I'm a college student and I've decided to begin my Whole30 after a family vacation, right before our finals period began. Today is day 12! I feel like I've been doing well overall -- no strong cravings, no bad hangover (despite my raging sugar dragon just a couple weeks ago!), and I'm sticking to my Whole30 food plan pretty well. I've accidentally slipped up last night when I went out with friends for dinner, because I assumed that the salmon fillet I got wouldn't have dairy and that the "baked sweet potato" I asked for will actually be a baked sweet potato (salmon turned out to have a creamy sauce and it was sweet potato fries...), but other than that I've been working really hard and planning my meals so I only have compliant food. I decided not to restart my Whole30 because I planned this to end right before moving to another location for the summer when food preparation and meal planning will be more complicated for a week or two.

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