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Hi friends, starting today 5/14


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Hey! A couple of weeks ago a friend tricked me into agreeing to a bit of a trial run with whole30. I thought it would be pure suffering but my short experience (4-5 days) was a positive one and it opened my eyes to how the feeling of a healthy body is vastly superior to the taste of pretty much anything. I never understood people who said things like, "I can't stand the feeling I get after eating fast food so I never eat it" or "I only eat <insert supremely delicious but deadly thing> once a month". Now I think I get it. I'm starting to believe that feeling healthy by eating healthy things is preferable to eating salty, sweet, greasy things.

I also noticed that giving more thought to what I was eating naturally prompted me to make healthier choices in other ways, like walking my dogs more, getting to bed earlier, and not engaging in negativity. I lost a few pounds, although mostly from the departure of my (apparently constant) bloating. I don't have much to lose but I wouldn't mind getting rid of some pounds who have overstayed their welcome. ;) 

I could go on for ages but the gist is that I noticed some major changes in how I felt physically and mentally after only a few days, so I'm excited to see what may happen over the coming weeks!

Please share all your positive experiences with me if you want!

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