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Whole30 started May 8


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People often say that eating carbs gives them Brain Fog but frankly I only truly experienced Brain Fog AFTER giving up carbs.

 This is my first Whole30 and I am in it to win it.


Day 1-3 were like hitting a wall and trying to climb up using my short nails.

Day 4-6 I started to feel better. End of Day 6 I had eaten 13 eggs which is very atypical for me as I usually buy 6 pack eggs weekly.

 Day 7: My daily email suggested I start logging so here I am:


B: Omlette: 2 eggs, shrimp, green onion, zucchini noodles, spinach, clarified butter, sesame oil, coconut butter

Black coffee with a splash of coconut milk – still do not like this! Black tea is better.


L: Salad: mixed leafs, shredded brussel sprouts, broccoli, pecans, tiger nuts, dried cranberries

Apple Tea- no sweetners


D: Bbq chicken, grilled sweet potato, fresh strawberries and a large raw heirloom carrot. Coconut Water 500ml.  


The key for me now is to keep up with new, different recipes especially for breakfast, to keep it fresh. 

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Day 8: Feeling very full even on waking today which is odd but I guess good. I cannot eat a lot in one sitting so I worry that this will affect me eating enough protein. I don’t want to be hit with cravings between meals! There are still moments of temptation but I am staying strong and saying No!

Maybe this is just part of the next hump. Lets see how it plays out.


B: Chicken sausage patty, half a small baked white potato


Snack: 2 turkey slices, 2 celery sticks

 L: Red curry soup with butternut squash and chicken. ¼ cucumber, handful of almonds-raw


D: 2 lamb chops, Jamaican sweet potatoes roasted, and grilled asparagus , Dried persimum, green olives

Whole30 compliant Kambucha 

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If you can't eat a lot at once due to surgery or some medical issue, it's okay to have more smaller meals. For instance, that's the recommendation for people who have had weight loss surgery and physically have less stomach capacity -- that's the most common reason I've seen on the forums, but it would be the recommendation for anyone who physically couldn't eat a full meal at one time. (If you have no particular physical limitation and it's just that you're used to eating smaller meals, the recommendation would be to plate up a full-sized meal, eat as much as you can, and set the rest aside, and then as soon as you feel you could eat more, go back to it. Most people who do this find they can eat full template-sized meals after a week or so.) 

Do look at the meal template, though, because even if you divide it into six meals, you'll get the best results eating smaller portions but still based on the template. So all your meals should be vegetables, protein, and fat. You don't list any fat in breakfast or your snack. Fat will help keep you satisfied longer, plus it's important for brain health, and it's necessary to have in order for your body to process fat soluble vitamins like vitamins A or D. 

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Thanks Shannon for your advice. I have never had any surgery or medical limitation to eating but I have previously been on 3 meal 2 snack type of structure. I will try to follow your advice and just keep the rest of the meal when I feel hungry again. I am also trying to mention all the fats in the meals which I tend to forget to log eg Olive Oil and Coconut oil. 


Day 9: Had an evening meeting with dinner provided and I told them I needed a dairy free meal ahead of time. I asked for the menu.  They told me they could do a plate of grilled vegetables but the chicken was breaded so I declined that option. They also were nice enough to provide some fresh berries for dessert and not tempt me with sugar-laden sorbet. Restaurant was very accommodating.


B: One chicken drumstick – Whole30 BBQ sauce. Sautéed zucchini noodles and onions with olive oil.

Small cup of black coffee.


L: 1 lamb chop, Jamaican sweet potatoes roasted, and grilled asparagus, and everything was grilled with olive oil



D: Salad leaves, slivers of mango, vinegar and oil

Grilled vegetables – peppers, eggplant, zucchini, asparagus – brushed with olive oil

Small cup of berries, raspberries, and watermelon

Sparkling Water

Chamomile tea


After Dinner – on way home had Cashew Larabar for protein, a few soaked almonds, and water. 

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Day 10: 1/3 of the way there


B: 1 lamb chop, half a yellow pepper, an heirloom carrot, handful of almonds and olive



S: finished above meal


L: Salad – smoked trout, fingerling potato, tomatoes

Dried persimmons, almonds


D: grilled Salmon with fresh mango salsa. Half a yellow pepper. Handful of almonds. Blood orange.


Coconut water.


Day 11: weird day due to work, had to commute to another site.


B: 1 egg, home fries , fresh coconut, almonds,



S: Cashew Larabar – as lunch delayed due to commuting back. Said no to non-complaint Snacks yes!


L: Salad: leafy greens, carrots, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, walnuts, and steamed shrimp.


D: Chicken Cacciatore, dried persimmons, pistachios

Ginger Peach Tea

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Firstly, I am so happy and thankful for my friends for being so understanding. We usually go to my friend’s cottage for the long weekend but I opted to only come for 2 days and one night. The cottage is our usual wine and chip fest so I was very worried.

 My friends surprised me with a lovely vegetable, tree nut, and salsa snack time with lots of sparkling water. There were no chips! Well they had some healthy nacho chips placed far away fro me with a dairy based dip.

 The menu’s were very much in keeping with the Whole30 – Grilled fish, Grilled chicken, salads, and roasted potatoes. I surprised them by making a vegetarian dish for some of the people at the cottage with non-compliant food. Veggie burgers just seemed so blah next to the meat dishes so I made them a Moroccan chickpea dish.

 I made it through breakfast avoiding the famous Blueberry pancakes and enjoying the spicy Shakshouka with eggs and a side of potatoes. There was also lots of fresh fruits at brunch.

 I also brought home the carcass of the grilled chicken to make chicken stock – yum!


Day 12

B: 2 fried eggs, half an avocado, fresh tomatoes

L: kale, Brussels sprout salad with chopped nuts, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds

D: chicken cacciatore with Jamaican sweet potatoes

S: fresh coconut, raw almonds


Day 13

Brunch: steak, eggs, home fries and a fruit bowl

S: freshly cut vegetables: tomatoes cucumbers peppers broccoli and salsa, as well as pistachios, almonds

D: grilled trout and grilled chicken, roasted rosemary red and purple potatoes, salad with avocado, and nuts


Day 14 


Woke up very late!

B: 2 eggs in shakshouka, left over roasted potatoes, fresh fruit

S: pistachios, apples, sunflower seeds, red peppers. 

D: grilled steak, roasted plantain, sauce- onions red peppers and tomatoes 

S: pistachios, fresh coconut, dried persimmon 


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Day 15:

Woke up feeling a bit nauseous so I did not feel up to having breakfast. In the past I would have tea and a few crackers to settle my stomach  but on Whole30 I was not sure how to respond. Made it through and was feeling better by lunch thankfully.


B: handful of almonds, Whole30 compliant Kambucha Chai tea, one apple 

L: Chicken cacciatore – tomatoes, red peppers, onions, roasted plantain

D: Beef burger – lettuce wrap, tomatoes, sautéed onions, and pickles, some French fries

S: Coconut milk, almond meal, dried cranberry/apricot, apple sauce , crushed pecans [I had an intense craving for oatmeal which I often have when I am sick, so I created this alternative to get me through - had it cold and it was not too bad]


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Day 16:

I am over the halfway point and was hit with a crazy day. I was late to get home and had to deal with the hunger beast as there are no options for fast foods.  


B: handful of almonds, one egg, one banana

L: salad – kale, brussel sprouts, slaw with balsamic and olive oil, grilled chicken thigh, fresh fruits

 D: Steak, sweet potato fries, red pepper


Day 17

B: 2 fried eggs, left over beef, few sweet potato fries 

L: salad – romaine lettuce with balsamic and olive oil, turkey taco mix with green and red peppers, Guacamole, fresh fruits

S: red pepper, apple, (somehow my office tree nut stash has mysteriously disappeared)

D: Shrimp – steamed, Steak, grilled red pepper and green beans, fries 

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Day 18:

Today was a rough day. Between waking up for a fire alarm in the middle of the night and shivering outside to a very early start this morning, I felt like a zombie. My breakfast and lunch were essentially the one meal but I did not have enough time for the first.


B: handful of almonds, one banana

L: almond meal with coconut milk, applesauce, dried apricots, pumpkin seeds, pecans, and one apple


S: Dried gooseberries and raw almonds

D: Shrimp fried rice, and half a fresh yellow pepper

Coconut water


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Girls Weekend away: I went on a last minute weekend getaway with some girlfriends. So not enough time to do much planning but I think I managed to swing it.


Day 19:


B: 1 egg, almonds, fresh fruit,

L:  Grilled chicken souvlaki, greek salad (no cheese, no dressing), grilled potatoes with lemon and herbs

D: Pan fried salmon, asparagus, herbed potatoes

 S: plantain chips, tree nuts, fresh fruit


Day 20:


B: scrambled eggs, avocado, grilled tomatoes, a few leftover potatoes

 L: grilled beef with salad

D: oysters! Yummy oysters, some with salsa on top, steamed snow crab, steamed shrimp, French fires and homemade mayo, and marinated mussel/calamari salad – only had a bite or two – tasted a touch sweet

 S: plantain chips, tree nuts, fresh fruit


Day 21:


B: cashews, almonds, pistachios and a banana

L: steak, potatoes, fresh fruit


D: spring salad mix, grilled shrimp and chicken, roasted peppers, sesame seeds, grilled sweet potatoes

 S: terra chips – root vegetable crisps (on flight)


Reviewing my logs I think I am eating way too much steak and beef in my first 3 weeks. Don't want to get high cholesterol :(

I am going to try a red meat free week. I will try to focus on fish and shellfish this week. 


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I wanted to write a little about energy. I was prepped for the lack of energy in the first week and trust me the no carb brain fog was real. Since I got past that hump I have been waiting for that energy spike. I want to start waking up energized but it has not happened yet. I have been waking up a bit earlier to make breakfast, which is something, but I guess I was thinking I was going to be having mornings where I feel like running on top of mountains singing The Sound of Music.

Was I being unrealistic or am I missing something?

Will I have a "The Hills are Alive" moment?

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I am wondering why I am tired again and having some muscle tiredness/cramps. I started to take Magnesium this week to see if that would help. Truth be told I think I need to just start exercising more. I take a dance class once per week but that is not enough.

Hoping to go to the gym this week, as I have not seen the inside of the gym in months or truth be told in 2017.

Day 22:

B: Coconut milk, almond meal, almonds, pecans, apple sauce  

L:    Shrimp fried rice with cauliflower rice.

D:  Grilled chicken with onions and red peppers, salad: romaine, shredded carrots, Olive Oil + Balsamic vinegar.

S: tree nuts, fresh fruit


Day 23:

B:   left over grilled chicken with onions and peppers

L:     Salad: romaine, red peppers, cucumbers, blackberries Olive Oil + Balsamic vinegar. 2 boiled eggs.

D:  Salmon crusted with shredded coconut. Steamed broccoli. Roasted sweet potatoes. Mango salsa.

S: Coconut cream larabar, cherries


TMI: I think regular Sweet Potatoes cause me to have some stomach discomfort


Day 24:

 B:   Morning meeting: a few handfuls of tree nuts (almonds, cashews, pistachios), and a nectarine with a coffee – black.

L:    taco turkey with onions and peppers, Salad: romaine, gooseberries, cucumbers, cucumbers, blackberries. Olive Oil + Balsamic + Rice wine vinegar.

D:  nectarine, banana, almonds  

S: Cashew Larabar

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Thank you!!

Thinking of stretching beyond the 30 days. I need to do some medical exams in 2 weeks so thinking about stretching till then so I can have better results. 

Day 29: 

B: fresh fruit, chia pudding with coconut milk and dried coconut, almonds

L: Grilled chicken on mixed greens, apple, handful of almonds

D: Grilled Salmon skewers with peppers, salad greens with shredded carrots, strawberries, pecans, and mango,

S: fresh coconut, pistachios, dried apricots


Day 28:

B/ L: 2 eggs, grilled lamb, almonds

S: chips (plain) – at a baseball game

D: potatoes, grilled octopus, grilled vegetables, grilled shrimp, grilled steak


Day 27:

B: chia pudding with coconut milk

L: Grilled lamb, roasted potatoes

S: white yam, spinach stew

D: grilled calamari, arugula salad with walnuts



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Ok so I might have overshot the 30 days lol. To be honest Day 30 was fairly anticlimactic. I ate on track and just continued. I did not make a big deal of it as I did not want my friends and family trying to shove non-Whole30 foods in my face at every second.

 So I quietly let Day 30 pass by. My scale broke pre-Whole30 so I don’t have a good measure of how much I might have lost. I do know that I am wearing some of my tighter clothing without discomfort and my fat pants need a belt.

 Here is my main issue now, is that I am scared to re-introduce. I really want to do Dairy but worry what if I am very intolerant?? I really love dairy and that is what I have been missing the most!

I am also worried about my body going bezerk and blimping up again. Is anyone else this scared for re-introduction?

This past week has also been a bit crazy due to Aunt Flo making me crave salt so I feel the poor decisions are stemming from there. I need to plan for this and have more savoury like snacks ready.


Day 37:

Chia pudding with coconut milk and almonds 

One banana



Salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, tuna, and one boiled egg

One banana


Cashew larabar

Plain potato chip - bad!!


Salad with kale/Brussel slaw mix, almonds, and tomatoes with dressing – rice vinegar, evoo, sesame oil, balsamic vinegar

cucumbers, red pepper, persimmom, cherries,


Day 36

Chia pudding with coconut milk and almonds 

One persimmon


Shredded salad with balsamic + evoo

roasted veggies, sweet potatoes, beef and some cooked spinach


Roast beef, taro chips, 

Cherries, persimmon 



 Day 35

Golf lesson!

Almonds persimmon 


Steak and eggs, salad, half serving of home fries, guacamole


Chicken wings- salt and pepper and french fries 



 Day 34


Almonds, fruit


Fresh seafood in tomato sauce, grilled rapini and red peppers


Bbq: cherries, peppers, carrots, watermelon, potato chips, lots of soda water *Hot dogs and BBQ Burgers had sugar so no protein there!*


One sausage, persimmon, cherries


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