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Coconut & Ghee, help!

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I have degenerative disc disease and suffer from a lot of inflammation along my spine and sacrum. I've seen a huge improvement off gluten and dairy for the past year.

Now on whole30 I'm doing a lot more with ghee and coconut. I've used them in the past year as well, but not in these amounts. One, or I suspect both based on the last few days, are causing me inflammation. My spine and sacrum hurt more than they have in a while. Of course this is frustrating bc whole30 should help not hurt, right?!

everything else is going great so far (today is Day 7.)

id love to eliminate both, then try bringing only one back and see, experiment with them both. It's easy to replace them in cooking with avocado..... but what about coffee?

getting the healthy fat in my coffee really helps me stay satiated. Anything else I can try while I eliminate coconut and ghee for a few days?

definitely not nut butter as days 2&4 taught me that nuts cause me inflammation! Boo!

sucks to keep eliminating foods but I just want to feel my best!!!

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You could try something like MCT oil? It's pretty flavourless, but certainly satiating - you'd need to start with a small amount though & then increase the volume gradually as it can 'loosen things up a little' if you get my drift...

It could be the ghee that's problematic given that you've seen such improvement in removing dairy - those who are particularly sensitive often find that they don't tolerate even the trace amounts of milk proteins left behind in ghee.

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4 minutes ago, jmcbn said:

Have you been using coconut milk, or coconut oil?

Generally it's the proteins in food that cause problems, but coconut oil & MCT oil don't contain any proteins.

Thanks for the reply! I have been using unrefined coconut oil.

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