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RX bar as pre-WO meal?


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Pre-workout, you want protein and fat. Ideally, you don't want fruit -- a goal with Whole30 is to become fat adapted, and having fruit or other carbs right before your workout can slow down that process as you're giving your body the more easily accessible carbs, rather than having it use fat. So it's definitely not the greatest option, although I guess if it turns out that's really all you can manage, it's better than nothing.

Have you tried a handful of nuts, or spoonful of almond butter or coconut butter? Or even a spoonful of coconut oil? A hard boiled egg with some mayo, or a scrambled egg? Even something like an Epic bar that would have less fruit and be closer to the protein and fat that's recommended? If all that works right now is the RX bar, do that, but keep thinking about other options that might work for you.

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