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Best sources for cheap, healthy fish


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The bf and I are trying to include more of the healthy, high on Omega-3 fish in our diet. Are there any, besides canned sardines that are a relatively low cost option? I've been hit-or-miss finding wild canned salmon, but I was hoping for some fresh or frozen kinds.

Most importantly, we're on a SUPER tight budget, so the options can't be too expensive.



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The health food store near my house sells a good canned salmon for around $3.50 a can, so relatively low priced options exist. I've been making salmon salad as often as once per day lately. I add a boiled egg to up the protein in my salad just a bit. I eat the whole thing as one meal, but many people could get two servings from it.

Here is a recent recipe, but I adjust how I make it almost every time...


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