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Observations after my first 2 days on Whole30


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My first two days..... have been a CHALLENGE.    Not so much the planning or eating (I'm used to a pretty restricted diet) but yesterday.... regardless of the fact that I meal prepped all day Sunday and had everything perfectly portioned out for the week.... I managed to forget my lunch.   Thankfully I had a sweet potato at work to keep on hand for those times that I forgot my lunch and I did remember to take an avocado... so I had sweet potato, avocado and black berries for lunch LOL

Then last night.... we got home very late from my daughters hockey games.   I was still wound up and knew I needed to get to sleep, so I popped my trusty melatonin in my mouth.... the chewable... and then tasted it... THE SWEETENER!!!!!   You'd have thought poison had entered my mouth, with the speed I spit that thing out.   

2 days ago.... it wouldn't have phased me.   My husband thinks I'm insane.

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Day 2 - May 15

My meal log for yesterday:


1.5 scrambled egg

Turkey sausage (altered the chicken sausage recipe as I could only find organic ground turkey)

yukon gold potato & onion sauteed in CO

sauteed mushrooms and spinach



1/2 sweet potato

black berries



Chuck roast

yukon gold potato



Mango with unsweetened organic coconut

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Day 3:

Breakfast - same as yeterday

Lunch - Left over roast with 1 yukon gold potato and a large salad

Snack: Blackberries & green juice

Dinner:  Pork tenderloin, cauliflower rice and cucumbers/bell peppers.

I'm really missing my coffee with almond milk and stevia.  a LOT.

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