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Started May 1st, looking forward to what's next :)


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Hi folks-

Me and my wife started the program May 1st and are halfway through

our first 30 days with Whole30.  Yes, I miss my bread, cheese and beer.

Overall, we like it and are looking forward to what awaits in June.  

I would like to hear from some of the 31+ day crowd to find out how

they have expanded their food selection from just salad, chicken, eggs, etc.

while on the program.




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I'm day 30


tonight I'm making Asian .  Chicken, sweet potato spirals and a host of veggies cooked in coconut aminos! 

Ive made my own spagetti with butternut squash spirals and tomato sauce and such that was compliant (canned brands for sauce and diced tomatos)

mexican flavored ground beef, using lettuce as the tortilla and adding mushrooms, Guac, salsa (and lovers of onions and peppers could add that or instead make it fajitas) 

A burger with a lettuce bun and complaint garnishings

avocado mayo cole slaw

steak, pork, ribs, shrimp alone, on salads, with potatoes, and veggies on the side. 

Baked potatoes. Sweet potatoes, potatoes sliced and seasoned and baked    (Leftovers are great for breakfast!)


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