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Just finished 3rd Whole30


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My husband and I just finished our third round of Whole30 over the past year and a half.  This was probably the best and most satisfying one yet.  Learned a lot from the other two and benefits were noticed on this one.  I got on the scale expecting to see a drop in my weight.  Granted, I didn't really have a lot to lose, but when I didn't see really any loss other than maybe a pound I was disappointed, to say the lease.  Then I started to really think about all of the NSV that I have achieved over the past 30 days.  My clothes fit so much better, which is why I thought for sure I lost at least 5 lbs.  I have been wearing jeans and shorts comfortably that I haven't been able to in a while.  I don't have any stomach bloating and have tons more energy.  My husband and I plan on continuing our Whole30 longer this time around.  We just feel so much better when we eat this way and take charge of what we put in our bodies.  It has also been a great example for our kids, who range anywhere from 22 down to 11.  They see the good choices we make and they want to do the same.  They have also gotten used to the whole30 ranch dressing, mayo, ketchup and oils and now they won't eat any of that stuff that is store bought.  That's my most favorite NSV, instilling those values into my children, no matter how old they are.


Thank you Whole30!

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