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Bariatric Surgery- 16 years later- Starting Whole30


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Hi there.  I started Whole30 yesterday and thought it would be fun to join the message board.

I started yesterday and it's been great.  I love eggs, meat, seafood and vegetables.  I found out that black coffee is just fine and that I don't need wine to relax in the evenings.

I also went to the gym for the first time in weeks.

I did eat way too many black olives as an after workout snack.  I'm still learning how to know if I'm actually hungry or just bored or anxious.

I'm excited to log my progress and read everyone else's posts!!!


I wanted to include gastric bypass in my story, because I know so many people (like me) have gained the weight back after surgery.  And they are so ashamed.  But it's so common and the medical professionals don't discuss the actual numbers of surgery "fails".  

My weight loss surgery backstory (if you want a long read.)  :)

 I struggled with my weight from around 6th grade until...well, now.  In 2001 at the age of 31 I had "Gastric bypass, Roux en-Y (RYGB, distal)"

Read about it here

It was the most drastic form of surgery, and doctor's were still learning.  I was a model patient and went from 300- 150 in about 18 months.  But I also stopped absorbing vitamins, nutrients and my meds stopped working.  I took and antidepressant and a sleeping pill and I was only absorbing about 1/2 of the meds.

Suddenly I discovered wine!  I never drank before, but wine helped me sleep.  And gave me quite a buzz.  (Years later research found that folks with my type of surgery have major problems with alcohol, specifically wine.  It hits our system hard and fast.)

Then a lovely man who I helped get the surgery died.  He had a wife and 4 boys.  It was an accident during surgery, they nicked a vein and he bled out.  I felt responsible.

So my antidepressant and sleeping pills weren't working and then my friend died.  

I also found out later that when you lose weight that fast, it has a huge effect on your body.  You release a ton of hormones when you lose fat that quickly.

Things got dark.  I drank wine and gained weight.  When the surgeon's office called to check on me on my 2 year anniversary of surgery, I told them how bad things were.  The response was, "uh, you should stop gaining the weight back."

So over a decade of too much wine, depression, eating crap.  In 2011 I got back on track, started swimming at the gym and eating high protein/ low carb.  I lost 40 pounds.

Then I had abdominal surgery/ hysterectomy that left me with a very painful medical condition, scar tissue throughout my abdomen.  I pretty much gave up at that point.

But my life is good.  I have an awesome husband, 2 rescue dogs that we love, and a booming photography business.  So now is the time to fight back for me health.  And here we are at day 2 of my Whole30 journey!


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Day 9 and I am loving this plan!  It's everything I like to eat and the only thing I miss is cheese on my eggs!

I don't miss wine, and plan on keeping up with the not drinking.

I'm also getting back to the gym.

I feel so good!!!


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