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Whole30 #done

Lea Mint

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So I made it through 30 days of whole 30, although I'm not surprised. When I set my mind to something, I tend to achieve it.  But I wanted to write my own good, bad, and ugly about my experience.  


The good:

  • I lost 8 pounds in the week up to and during my whole thirty
  • I went down a belt loop and a half on my belt
  • My face and shoulders visibly look less pudgy
  • I can feel the curvature of my waist better
  • I learned that I don't have a sugar dragon.  Not once during the entire whole 30 did I crave sugar
  • I learned that I didn't crave carbs either.  I expected the loss of pasta and Mexican food to be hard.  It wasn't.
  • I learned that not having cheese didn't bother me.  I expected to whine over the loss of cheese.   I didn't. 
  • I learned that while I MISSED coffee and wine, I did not CRAVE coffee and wine. I really thought that would be the most difficult point for me.    Missing it brought on a little whining, but not once did I ever contemplate the thought of having it or felt I needed it. 
  • I did reset my taste buds.  Grapes are super sweet.  Food tastes better.   Potatoes need only salt and pepper.  
  • I feel more educated on food than I did before.
  • I've tried new things like sweet potatoes and coconut aminos, or revamped old favorites into compliant recipes .


The bad:

  • My health made no improvements over the course of the 30 days.  My sinuses still suck.  My stomach still sucks.  My foot is still swollen.  My knuckles are still big.  I ended up taking off my ring because it just got too tight, and no I don't weigh anymore now than I have in the past when it fit fine and didn't bother me. 
  • The fatigue and achy shoulders which prompted me to give this a try after I read about the improvements people had with their health did not improve
  • I never got the Tiger's Blood (SADFACE).


The ugly:

  • My stomach issues actually got worse.  Never in the six years that I've had issues with my stomach (I was told i had inflammation and a hiatal hernia , which leads to belching) ever woken me out of sleep.  After I started whole 30, about 30 minutes after I feel asleep on about 50-60% of the nights (especially in the beginning) I awakened with really bad stomach pain even if I'd last eaten 4-6 hours before.  I had to take pepto bis to get back to sleep. I've had nights I couldn't go to sleep before, but never nights that it woke me up.  I don't know if this is a function of the diet change, or if the timing simply coincides with the other issues that have arisen that concern me that prompted this diet change (and now a doctor's visit for tests), but it happened. 



The future:

  • Coffee and Wine (coffee = coffee+cream+sweetener, although I report that this morning I used ONE packet instead of THREE so I'll call it a win)
  • Continue to eat whole 30, limiting the other food groups.  Probably I'll add back cheese here and there. I like cheese.  And beans.  But the other groups I don't know that I really feel like I want anymore.  The occasional sweet.  An outing at a Mexican Restaurant.  A  Superbowl party that has chips and dip.  Sure.  But day to day, I like this way of cooking and feeling full.  


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9 hours ago, kirkor said:

Are you doing a full reintro schedule?


I wonder if with your stomach issues you'd benefit from one of the other protocols like AIP, low FODMAPs, or eliminating nightshades?

I'm honestly not sure how I'll reintroduce. I think more the slow method.  I wanted coffee so bad, that dairy has been first, but I honestly only had some creamer and a little cheese.  I don't have a huge desire to eat all the off plan stuff right now. 

Yesterday I didn't have any tummy issues going to sleep and i had both white potatoes for breakfast and tomatoes (in salad and homemade spaghetti sauce for dinner).  I had a salad, so it isn't that either (raw stuff can irritate).  

The night I had huge issues dinner was dry rub ribs, potatoes, fruit, salad w/ tomato and pepper, Oil/vinegar, and broccoli.  These are all common things I eat and plenty of days I have no issues either.  


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