Pescatarian - Day 10 - Weak, Brain Fog, Anxiety, Severe Fatigue


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Hi all!

This is my first post on the forum. I am 10 days into my W30. I was a little nervous coming in as I am recently pescatarian (after about 10 years as a vegetarian, and several of those spent as vegan). I have done some elimination diets in the past but have always struggled with feeling like my body was lacking or missing something.

I have quite a few gut issues as well as auto immune-related conditions (anxiety, asthma, heartburn, ibs, graves disease *in remission* to name a few)...I have often felt like a lot of my health issues were directly related to my gut health as every other aspect is 100% unremarkable on paper. According to labs and tests I am one of the healthiest women alive, but inside I feel like I am dying / falling apart. It was upon my acupuncturist's recommendation that I give the Whole 30 a try. As an aside I have been gluten free for coming up on 4 years now, I went GF in an attempt to help my thyroid and the switch was the reason that my levels normalized and have been normal for about 3 years now! With that said, when I switched to GF I started ironically (or maybe not so ironic) eating a TON more carbs (mostly in the form of brown rice and sugar in processed foods.) My days before Whole 30 included shrimp, hummus, oats, gluten free bread, amys tv dinners, fruit and peanut butter - I also probably had pizza about once a week. I considered myself to eat "fairly healthy" but in retrospect it probably was not a very balanced diet with very little protein. 

The first week I dealt with a LOT of spaciness, often feeling like I'm in a dream, not really here and VERY anxious. I was able to push through a little bit of this but mildly exerting myself. Starting around day 3 I started experiencing bouts of light headedness, one day, starting to grey out and seriously thinking I was going to faint. I have been feeling like I am eating enough - and not really getting very hungry between meals - the only times I have snacked have been when I am having intense afternoon slumps. I normally exercise 3-4 days a week but have only worked out once since starting this because I just don't have the energy and feel so sick and light-headed when I have tried to exert myself much. By Day 5 or 6, the spaciness and brain fog had lifted slightly but then I started getting horrible crashes in the afternoon between about 2 PM and 7 PM. On a few of these days I have had some increased energy starting around 8 or 9 PM and lasting through until bedtime. I feel pretty relaxed at bedtime but then have woken with horrible anxiety or starts for most of the nights I have been on the W30.

My blood pressure and blood sugar have remained normal/stable although today when I was feeling particularly tired and light-headed, I took it and it was 110/61 which is the lowest its been in a while. I mostly just wanted to share my experience as well as the food I have been eating to see if I am on track and need to eat more and/or different types of foods to maintain energy and mood. I am not sure at this point what is W30 and what is anxiety but I have been feeling pretty damn crappy, weak, tired, anxious and light headed for a week now. The most frustrating part is that I actually felt way better before I started doing this but am trying to stick it out until the end as I really want to see what good this could do my body, specifically my gut health. I just don't want to do it at the cost of hurting my health more. As a pescatarian I am pretty maxed out on eggs and fish and ways to get creative. I don't know if anyone else has concerns about mercury but eating seafood every single day and sometimes twice a day does make me a little nervous. Since my only sources of protein are really nuts, fish and eggs, I burn out pretty quickly. Any feedback and/or recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Breakfast - 2 scrambled eggs with guacamole and 1 1/2 c coconut chia pudding with sautéed bananas and pureed almond meal

Snack - Cherry Pie Lara Bar

Lunch - shrimp curry (coconut milk, spices and coconut amigos as sauce) - with red onion, zucchini, red bell pepper, carrots and portabella as veggies

Snack - Electrolyte "smoothie" - 1 c kale, 1 banana and 1 c cashew malk

Dinner - blistered shishito peppers cooked in olive oil with lime and basil, 2 hard boiled egg whites, spinach and kale salad with small amounts egg yellow and white, celery, raw shisito peppers with oil and vinegar dressing


Breakfast - 2 scrambled eggs, 1/2 c hashbowns, 1/2 avocado, 4 or 5 cherry tomatoes and 1/2 banana

Lunch - salmon and avocado salad with lemon, green onions, tomatoes, parsley & baked sweet potato "fries"

Snack - Electrolyte "smoothie" - 1 c kale, 1 banana and 1 c cashew malk

Dinner - egg quiche (piece about 5"l x 4"w) with white onions, mushrooms, spinach, pumpkin & crab dip (crab, w30 approved mayo, red peppers, jalapeños, green onions) with some plantains (fried in coconut oil)

Snack - 2 coconut rolled dates with 1 tsp each almond butter


Breakfast - leftover egg quiche (piece about 5"l x 4"w), 1/2 avocado, 1/2 banana

Lunch - leftover egg quiche (piece about 5"l x 4"w), 1 medium sized tomato, handful macadamia nuts, handful cherries

Post-Workout Snack - 3/4 sweet potato with 2 tablespoons almond butter and cinnamon

Dinner - We are going to make grilled shrimp with butternut squash noodles, cashew cream sauce and sautéed spinach or zucchini)

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Take a look at the meal template -- follow it for every meal (even breakfast), and if you need to eat between meals, try to have a mix of protein, fat, and vegetables, or at least two of the three.

Smoothies are not encouraged (you can search for them on the Can I Have page to read the details). 

Larabars and other bars are really for emergency situations where you have no other options, not for something to have as a snack.

When eggs are your only protein, have as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand, which is probably 3-4. 

I suspect if you make your meals a bit bigger, and concentrate on having lots of vegetables along with a palm-sized serving or two of protein, and a serving or two of fats from those listed in the template, and limiting your fruit to not more than two servings a day, always with a meal, not on their own, that will help you feel better.

Do be sure you're salting your food to taste as well, and drinking plenty of water, aiming for 1/2 oz per pound of body weight, so a 120-lb person needs at least 60 oz of water each day.

For your post-wo, you're going to want lean protein and starchy vegetable, so the sweet potato works, but have it with egg whites or tuna or other lean fish, not with the almond butter which is more of a fat.


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There are so many kinds of fish and seafood and so many ways to eat eggs! I have a George Forman grill and with a few spice blends (I like the ones from Primal Palate) you can have a delicious meal in less time than it takes to cook an Amy's frozen dinner. Add your own clarified butter or homemade mayo and fish filets become a religious experience. Then there are salmon cakes and tuna cakes and . . .

If you roast a bunch of vegetables (drizzled with olive oil) they can help you fill out your vegetables at every meal and they are easy to digest. I'm also a huge fan of the Wild Planet Wild Skipjack Light Tuna, which you can get at Whole Foods or Amazon. Again, with your own mayo and whatever other additions you like, this is a satisfying meal that's always handy. 

I also find that eating deviled eggs or egg salad is a good way to avoid egg fatigue. Again, homemade mayo is the key. 

I'll go out on a limb and suggest that if you ditch the nuts, seed and nut butters (you mentioned gut health and nuts are hard to digest for many people) and focus on other fats, including ghee, mayo and olives, you'll feel more alert, more energetic and just generally happier. 

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Thank you all for the wonderful food suggestions.  I'm really new to this and it's great so see so many ideas for meals.  I've only been doing this 2 days, alot of vegetables and eggs, and feel better already.  I'm even starting to like olives and am getting more creative with how to prepare veggies.... Using alot more olive oil and lemon.  Thanks again  and when I find some good recipes, I'll be sure to share. 

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Similar experience: I'm on day 8 of an egg. fish and seafood Whole 30 having been predominantly plant-based. Have swapped pulses, tempeh and tofu for fish and a lot more eggs for 30 days. Doing it with an experienced group and am compliant. By day 6 hit with a big wave of what can only be described as a feeling of oestrogen overload - stress/anxiety symptoms (no external triggers), PMT-like physical symptoms and brain fog. Could it be pollutants/hormones in the wild caught fish I am eating, I wonder? Hormones felt very balanced previous to this. Will ride the storm as it's good to 'test' the things to find FFF.








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Lazerlove,I realize I'm a bit late responding to this, but I am also pescatarian and have completed two rounds of whole30. Around week two my first time I was week, light headed, had splitting head aches, and very lethargic/unfocused. I drastically increased my consumption of potatoes and spinach (similar leafy greens high in iron) as my carnivorous family suggested. It made all the difference. I basically incorporated potatoes of some form into every meal, and my lunches consisted of many varieties of spinach salads. Not only did I feel more like myself but my workout performances began to noticeably increase in speed and stamina. Hope this helps! 

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