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OK, so tonight I have to go to my kids end of the swim season banquet. There's dinner, then they get special rewards and so on. The problim is, I don't know if there is going to be any Whole30 compliant foods there. I have to bring an entree and dessert, so I'm bringing Whole30 compiant pulled pork and watermelon. But, I know my kids can't just have that for supper or else they will go crazy. Also, I know there are going to be LOTS of desserts there, and my daughter (12) is going to have trouble not getting some when all of her friends are. Any tips for how to make this easier, or something else I can do so they won't go crazy? Thanks!

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Eat before you go, or take a full meal with you to eat there? 

Many people relax the SWYPO rules with their kids, so maybe have something more dessert-like that your daughter can have so she doesn't feel like she's missing out. Something like a Larabar would be easy, or look at some of the paleo desserts and see if there's something you could make just a small amount of.

I'd also talk to your kids about this. If your goal for the Whole30 is to use it as an elimination diet to see how you all react to different foods, be sure they understand that, and that it's important to go the whole 30 days without those items so that you get good results from your reintroduction. Maybe explain it's like a science experiment. If your goal is something other than the elimination aspect, talk about that and just basically be sure you're all on the same page. 

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