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renewing my committment to Whole 30


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I did Whole 30 from August of 2013 to October 2015 very successfully with massive weight loss and all auto immune health complaints minimized.  Starting in October 2015 my stress levels went through the roof, my husband got Lymphoma and my daughter in law Leukemia.  Initially, I handled it and stayed true to Whole 30.  Now in May 2017 I can say that I have been off completely for 6 months, my husband is in remission and my daughter in law passed away.  I have mourned and am coming around to facing that I do not feel well and I know it is what I am putting into my body.  The realization of emotional eating, emotional cheating and chinking away at what the true program is about has taken its toll on me.  I what to figure my way around the forum so I can get the support I need.  I am ready to have 5/20/2017 be R1D1.

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