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Upset growling tummy.....


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I've not bee in high spirits today. I decided to go off my BC pill at the start of the week. Its now been 4 days without. I am currently experiencing the heaviest flow i've had to date. In the past they would last 2-3 days and be super light. But this one is like none other. I feel soo uncomfortable and gross.

Then last night at the blink of an eye, i started crying, for no reason at all. And then of course i started creating all these negative reasons of why i should be crying, "i'm fat", "why doesn't anybody love me", "i hate my job" you know Bridget jones material.

Then i dream about detrailing, and ruining my whole30 by eating cherry ice cream. And i tell you in my dreams i felt sooo guilty, i even felt like i had ruined my whole30 when i woke up.

Today i feel sooo down, i feel like quiting. All i can think about is European chocolate (i came back from a european holiday about 4 weeks ago, chocolate was AMAZING) and how much i want to eat my weight in it.

Anyways, so i bought and apple and sprinkled it with cinamon to try and boost my mood and increase some happy hormones. I've eaten breakfast, and had a cup of pepermint tea.

After the apple my tummy is growling so loud i'm sure the people around my work bay can hear it and i can feel it moving around. I haven't eaten an apple or any fruit in over 4 weeks. I've added blueberries in this last week, but prior to that nothing.

Has anyone felt this? is it the apple? the hormones? or am i just weird????

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Awwwwww...hang in there! Sounds like your hormones are just all out of control from stopping the BC. Make sure you're drinking tons of water and eating plenty of good food to keep the cravings at bay. You might want to try increasing your fat for a bit. Be careful with the fruit. The sugar can cause cravings for some people. Get yourself some good tea, an excellent book, and a blanket. Relax and I bet you'll be feeling great soon! :)

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Thanks for the responses.

I don't eat much fruit at all, that was my first apple in over a month, and the blueberries are as a light snack to make it from lunch to dinner. I know if the chocolate was in front of me, i still wouldn't eat it. I feel i'm strong enough not to cave in. I guess its just the memories about how good the chocolate tasted in Eruope. i don't think i could replicate that here, so i won't try.

I guess i just wanted to know if anyone has troubles diggesting apples?

I drank over 4L of water yesteday, without including my tea's and gym drinks, hahah i'm thinking that might be too much.

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Thanks Tasha,

After reading that first link, i'm thinking i may actually have a digestion issue. I can't have coconut milk or dried fruit without it affecting my tummy. I think i will try and keep apples out of my diet from now on. And the FODMAP list of foods to avoid will make a great addition to my nutrition knowledge. I feel avoiding all those foods listed will help me. Although i don't eat hardly any of them now, but i might stop eating broccoli ( :( ) too, and see if that helps my digestion.

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