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How I stayed W30 at my friend's house party. For the social butterflies out there who get FOMO

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This is my third time doing a Whole 30, and I am yet to complete one successfully. I am fine with prepping my meals and eating clean, fresh wholesome food, I have learnt to skip the honey in my tea and dark chocolate after dinner, which was hard at first but it's not even a consideration now!

Giving this a go for the third time I decided I needed to reflect on why I've failed on my first 2 attempts, and I realised that it's because I have been worried about other people's opinion of me. I'm a very social person and am always out and about, and don't want to sit at home and miss out just because I'm scared of breaking the program. The first time I failed I was at a work colleague's BBQ and I didn't want to appear ungrateful / rude when turning down freshly home made cupcakes. The second time I was at a girls wine and cheese night with a group of new friends, and I didn't want them to think I was boring / judging them for indulging. The last thing I wanted to do was isolate myself from the group and miss out on making some new connections, so I had a couple of vodka lime soda's (justifying it to myself that vodka can't be that bad, it's made out of potato after all right?!).... slippery slope downhill that ended with a drunken cheese toasty at my friend's house at 5am. FAIL. 

SO it was take 3 day 3 and my friend's throwing a big house party, which she had been talking about for weeks. I knew it was going to be a challenge, and after reading some of Melissa's posts about the brain loving a plan, I knew I needed one. Soda water and lime wasn't going to cut it. I needed to create a delicious FUN drink, the opposite of boring, but still W30 compliant.

I came up with a lush mocktail. Everyone asked me what I was drinking, I offered them a sip and they were all jealous! So I thought I'd share in case you've got a party coming up, all you need to win is:

Ginger Kombucha + pomegranate juice + fresh limes = fancy W30 party drink!

The key with this was also getting in the right mind frame for the party. As long as you bring the positive energy,  smile, engage with people and own your choices then you can't go wrong!!

Good luck to my fellow W30 social butterflies!! x



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