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Longer reintroduction

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I'm nearing the end of my first W30 and planning reintroduction in June. I'd like to be more exact about my reintroduction, so I can know what it was that caused symptoms: 

1. Quinoa

2. Black beans (or lentils or chick peas)

3. gluten

4. Vodka

5. Soy

6. Corn

7. Sugar

8. Dairy 1

9. Dairy 2

10. Dairy 3


I know I have a problem with Dairy but I do want to be able to enjoy a slice of pizza in the future (when it's worth it). I also want to know what whey added to a packaged product does to me. Does it make sense to divide dairy by it's components that usually cause irritation (e.g. Carson, whey, lactose)? Or more on how it's been made (pasteurized or raw, soft cheese or hard, etc)?


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