Whole30 Success and WholeLife starting NOW


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Hello lovely people of the Whole9 Forum! I am in such a wonderful mood, nothing can bring me down!!!

I finished my first Whole30 yesterday and my goodness it has been a wonderful journey. I am so thankful for Melissa and Dallas for creating this program and I am so fortunate that I stumbled upon the website and clicked the link to purchase It Starts with Food on Amazon! Best decision I have made in years (maybe ever?)

I just blogged about my journey on Tumblr, so please check it out! freckledfoodie.tumblr.com

Also follow me if you are on tumblr :)

I posted my Before & After photos on there and I wasn't sure if it was appropriate on this forum so I decided not to, at least for now... but I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF and I can't wait to help as many other people as I can who want to make the journey and take control of their relationship with food and move towards better health!

Thanks for everyone on here for being so supportive. Not only of me but of every other person on here. It makes such a difference when you have support, regardless of whether you personally know your supporters or not! Keep up the good work friends :)


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Yesterday was the last day of our Whole 30, also. I will NOT post pics (I still have a long way to go), but I agree with your sentiment.

I'm down 12.4 lbs, 2" in my waist. I sleep better and have more energy than when I was drinking SEVERAL energy drinks every day. It's a great feeling, no? :-)

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