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Hi All! So excited to be almost able to say, I did it! So close. Just 7.5 short hours away. Woohoo!

But I need some help - I wanted to do the systematic reintroduction, but my boyfriend is insisting on getting sushi tomorrow night. This means the rolls (with rice) and soy sauce. I am begging him to use coconut aminos rather than soy sauce and just reintroduce rice, but he is adamant that we completed the 30 days so he can have his sushi just as he pleases. My question is this: does anyone have some pointers for me as to what effect the rice would have that may be different than the effects of reintroducing soy? I want to go into this with as much knowledge as possible so that I can pinpoint if I bloat, say, which item produced that effect. Thoughts? 

Any advice is much appreciated! TIA!

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The answer is simple but you won't like it. :) Your boyfriend is an adult and he can eat whatever he likes. So are you. If you eat soy AND non gluten grains you have no way of knowing whether any reaction is from soy or from non-gluten grains or from a combination. That's why the reintroduction protocol is set up the way it is: ONE group for ONE day and then at least two days of Whole30 eating, then no more of that group until reintros are complete.

Don't squander your hard work! It takes 30 days of Whole30 eating to be able to do reintros and the reintroduction is the most important part of the Whole30. That's where you get to find out exactly how the eliminated food affects you and you need that information to be able to design your own eating plan going forward.

No one else can tell you how soy or rice will affect you. That's why you need the reintroductions.

Sushi will still be there when your reintroductions are complete.

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Lol. Thank you for the tough love. I was fairly certain that there wouldn't be an easy way to accomplish this, but it's good to have a second opinion. You're absolutely right - we are adults. I, as an adult, will choose to have the rolls, but use coconut aminos. As for the bf, he can do what he chooses. Easy peasy. 

Thanks again!

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