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This time its for real.


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Seriously, why am I struggling so bad with this?

Why do I keep eating things I know make me sick?

I have a headache almost every day again now I have been drinking a coffee or two each day (with dairy). I have any gluten and my gallstone pain flares up. My head is foggy and I struggle to think straight. This should be simple, so why is it not!!

I have no energy again and just feel crap and cranky.

Someone needs to wack me over the head with a brick I think.

Here I am facing surgery for gallstones. This should be a no brainer. Exactly 3 months till my sons first day of big school, and I just can't be the fat mum, but I have 50 kg to lose, so I am going to be the fat mum no matter how well I do in the mean time.

I just feel so sick and overwhelmed by this.

This gallstone news sent me into a tail spin. I should have stayed not knowing about it. I like not knowing. I managed 7 days straight of the whole 30 until I found out about ths.

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These are all the things wrong with me right now:

- Gallstone pain

- Sore hips

- Almost daily migraines again

- Crankiness

- Foggy headed

- No sex drive

- Feeling sick after eggs, dairy or any gluten

- Struggling just to drag this heavy body around

- Candida flare ups with any sugar, itching driving me mad.

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Hi Ayla,

I be been reading ur forum posts and I think you have the answer right in front of you! You have everything to gain by doing the whole 30 - a whole new life. Don't give up, it would be just like quitting smoking, u just keep trying until you succeed. You just have to focus on the positives, not what food you are giving up.

Eg positive - by eating well you are healing your body and fueling it properly with fresh, natural and tasty ingredients.

Would you let your family eat food that makes them sick and does them harm? If the answer is no, why would you eat it? You deserve better than food that makes you sick.

Do you have any friends or family that can help you? It's so much better with someone else.

Please be good to yourself, you deserve it. X

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Ayla, you are struggling because you feel ill and are overloaded. Bad food and stress is addictive and not easy to give up, especially when you feel even worse to start with! It helped me to think of my body as chemically addicted to certain foods or eating patterns and my mind as my friend that had to help my body. Also candida fuels sugar cravings in a big way but you need to stop the sugar to let the candida settle!

My gall pain was always in my back and shoulder by the way.

NOW here comes the brick! Just start, one small step at a time. Only think about your current meal and what you can eat to help your body feel better not worse. Eat as much as you can in a meal according to the template so you get the right fat, protein and vege balance and can tell yourself you WON'T need to eat till the next meal! If you can't make it to the next meal just have snacks like carrots, olives, eggs, a few nuts.

Girl, you are miserable and having a tough time but only you can make it better!

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You are so right, thanks Juzbo.

I spent all last night with vomitting and diarrhoea still having waves of nausea tonight, but not sure what is going on, whether its gallstone related or not since I am not really having any pain from that. Interesting to know your pain was in your back too :)

Was not able to eat much today.

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OK scratch that.

Nausea has continued today as well as the diarrhoea. I wish I knew what was happening.

I suspect the eggs for breakfast may have something to do with it. I had planned on stopping eggs, and I think this just cements that plan for now.

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OK seem to be back to normal today minus my usual pain, I wonder if the stones are now gone after all my stomach upset?

I guess is possible right?

Meal 1 - Sweet potato and leek soup + chicken thigh left over from last nights dinner

Meal 2 - Beef stir fry (recipe to follow as ill make it up as I go along).

Meal 3 - Same as meal 1 possibly

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I am so slack with posting.

Will just continue for today.

Meal 1 - Spag bol I made, with no spaghetti of course. (has grated zuchinni in it)

Meal 2 - Lamb cutlets with sweet potato "noodles"

Meal 3 - Beef sausages (no additives) + tomato and cucumber.

I did not eat enough vegetables today I just realised, will focus more on that tomorrow.

I truly believe after my stomach upset the other day my stones are gone, as I have had no pain since. But will see when I ask for another ultrasound in about 3 weeks after I finish supplements from naturopath. I could be so wrong, but we shall see.

I had that pain for months and now I don't, so yeah I dunno.

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54 days until my big boy starts big school.

So today is day 1 of my whole 54.

Meal 1 and 2 - Chicken thigh and grated sweet potato cooked in ghee with a few spice + steamed broccoli

Meal 3 - Lamb kofta sticks (no additives) + huge salad.

This is about way more than just weight loss even though I do have 55 kg to lose :(

I just need my health, thats all.

And I don't want my son to ever be teased or be ashamed of me being the fat mum dropping him off at school :(

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Oh and this is my probably millionth attempt at a whole 30 over the last year :(

I don't even really have a sugar dragon that causes me to eff this up, its a coffee dragon, and coffee has to come with dairy :(

its just breaking the habit. It does not help that there is a starbucks drive through not far from where I drop my husband at the train station each morning.

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I mostly drink americanos with cream added, but then sometimes I go for the latte, (made with half cream/half milk).

Dairy is just really bad for my digestion, but still that doesn't stop me.

I am currently trying to get some assessments done for my Anatomy and Physiology unit (Am studying to be a naturopath), and my head is filled with thoughts of driving to Starbucks, then taking my children to the park, because the cardiac system is so complicated, and I keep getting distracted.

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Argh feeling quite sick again today.

During the night last night I woke a few times thinking I was going to throw up, but didn't. I then wondered if maybe I was hungry, so I had a banana, then I was able to go back to sleep.

Today I have not been able to eat much due to feeling so sick.

Meal 1 - Boiled egg

Meal 2 - Was meant to be a chicken salad, but after a few bites of chicken I thought I was going to throw up so gave up on lunch.

Meal 3 - Planned to be t-bone steak and salad but will see how I go.

Just drinking half a bottle of kombucha and so far feeling OK. I just have no hunger today either.

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Still have an upset stomach.

Don't know what is doing it :(

It has to be the naturopath supplements, so will stop them for this week and see what happens.

Meal 1 - Additive free beef sausages + sweet potato

Meal 2 - Tuna salad

Meal 3 - Roasted chicken + huge green salad.

Going to start lifting weights again tomorrow, I have missed it too much, and I want some strength back (will walk/run on the alternate days). So will be going early in the morning before my husband goes to work, so its done and out of the way.

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