This time its for real.


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Meal 1 - Chicken soup made from the broth with chicken thigh and loaded with veg

Meal 2 - Tuna salad

Meal 3 - Pork belly, roasted pumpkin and steamed broccolli.

Lifted weights this morning, and I hurt bad already but its been over 6 months since I touched a bar. Doing the starting strength program for now.

Didn't go too heavy though - Max weights:

Overhead press - 15 kg

Squat - 35 kg

Dead lift - 40 kg

So I do have a long way to go back to where I was but its all good

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Can barely walk today, my muscles ache so bad, not sure how I am going to squat again tomorrow.

Meal 1 - Chicken salad (peppers, celery, cucumber, cherry tomato, red onion, couple of pecans, chicken thigh, all diced up and mixed with homemade mayo, ACV and salt and pepper).

Meal 2 - Chicken soup

Meal 3 - Lamb koftas our butcher makes with just lamb and herbs + salad.

Argh breakfast is only just over and my stomach is upset again. Why?!?

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aww still got the tummy issues thats no good at all! maybe you could post your food diary in the health problems section and see if any of the moderators can see anything that could be causing issues? otherwise id really reccommend seeing a doc to rule out anything more serious!

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I am certain now its kombucha unfortunately :(

I don't post it with my food but I do have a bottle or 2 a day. It seems to go straight through my 2.5 year old too. I guess some people just can't handle it for some reason.

My muscles ache so bad after mondays workout I did not get up this morning. I can barely walk. I guess I need to go right back and start again with just the bar even , I cannot believe how bad I hurt really. I am hobbling around like an old woman.

Meal 1 - Chicken salad with some crunchy bacon mixed in (chicken thigh, peppers, cucumber, cherry tomato, couple of pecans ,red onions, ACV and mayo.

Meal 2 - Tuna salad (same as meal 1 but with tuna instead of chicken).

Meal 3 - Lamb chops + broccolli

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Thank you :)

Meal 1 - Tuna salad.

Meal 2 - Lamb balls (herbs and ground lamb that my butcher makes) + broccoli

Meal 3 - Something with ground beef and lots of veg mixed in + well feds cumin roasted carrots.

Still very sore in my legs, but hopefully will workout again tomorrow, but will decide later.

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Argh once again I am letting myself down by going to Starbucks :(

I don't even enjoy the coffee anymore so it should be easy to quit.

I am hoping having my husband home for the next 11 days straight will help break that habit. Its not like I go to Mcdonalds and binge any more like I used to, but coffee/dairy is not for me, so I guess having is harming me just as much as bingeing used to.

Still sore from weights, but can move much easier than I could the last 5 days.

For the next 11 days, I am going to walk 3.5 km 2 x a day. Its not hard, my dogs need it, and there is no reason we can't all do it as a family. As soon as we finish lunch will take my boys for a walk with our dogs.

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