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Hey all!  I'm starting Day 2 of my First Whole30.  Reading all of your questions, posts, inspiration, recipes, struggles, and successes, has really put me in a good place.  I was originally planning on starting on June 1st, but was so excited to start, I bumped it up to yesterday.  I do not have anyone in my life to hold me accountable though, so I feel like sharing with this group will be my best bet to staying 100% compliant.  

On the whole, I am a pretty healthy eater. Last year, I started eating "clean", so many of my kitchen staples have already been converted.  But it'll be good to come back to center by giving up the few indulgences I do have - like Doritos, nachos, and anything cheese related.  Was never much of a sweets or chocolate person... but if this program forced me to give up carbs I would never be able to do it.  I love to cook, so that is a plus, and live in an area with an abundance of available healthy food stores, so obtaining anything is not an issue. I'm not good at following recipes though, so I will likely make up most stuff you see here.  I think it'll be okay.  

So my motivators are very real.  I am not looking to lose weight, though I understand that's entirely possible and likely sticking to the program. When I went "clean" last year I dropped ten pounds in the first month without trying.  But I have real sleep issues, that I think are tied to food, and I get acne breakouts and serious bloating, and some inflammation issues that I am hoping to find a cause for.  

Anyway... with all of that said... here are my day 1 and 2 plans.  Day 2 of course, not yet done, but the plan is in place. And with the plan, then I stick with it :)  

Day 1 - I still had to do my shopping on Day 1! But made it through the day really easily, no cravings until nighttime, but I had a large cup of hot plain organic mint tea. 
B: 3 scrambled eggs with 1/2 green bell pepper and 1 large portabella mushroom, diced and lightly sauteed in EVOO, with garlic, S&P, 1 cup plain black coffee 
L: Lara bar, 1 avocado with basil, 1 tomato, and organic balsamic vinegar
D: Pulled salsa chicken in crock pot (includes minced garlic, cilantro, lime juice, onions, green peppers, and tomato), roasted rosemary yams in coconut oil, and steamed broccoli and cauliflower

Day 2 - I feel GREAT this morning. able to focus, up early, and ready to eat!  
B: 1/2 avocado, 2 large strawberries sliced, 2 Jumbo eggs O/E prepared with a spray of EVOO, 1 cup plain black hot tea
L: Leftovers from last night - salsa chicken, broccoli, and roasted yams
D: 1/2 avocado mashed with can of albacore tuna, lemon, in lettuce wraps, with side of roasted brussel sprouts 

I already have day 3 planned with some more leftovers and easy prep meals, but I want to force myself to log in and confess to how it went. thanks for listening! :)


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Last night I was roasting my brussel sprouts so while the oven was on I through some butternut squash in there to steam and added a plate of beets that I like to dice with a little vinegar and avocado oil.  

Day 3 - I feel amazing today. Last night, I slept THROUGH THE NIGHT - this is huge. I woke up at 6am without an alarm and even skipped my caffeine... due to habit I had a cup of decaf, but I am not missing it.  So strange!  I also can't tell if this is in my imagination but, my skin seems like it's already seeming brighter and less broken out?? This is so much motivation to see how the next 10, 20, 30, 100 days go... If 3 days makes such a difference it has to be something.  

B: Mashed butternut squash, with brussel sprouts and 2 poached eggs... note to self, I have to find ways to incorporate fats into breakfast and not rely so much on eggs 
L: Iceberg lettuce wraps with pulled salsa chicken from Day 1, 1 avocado, 1/2 cup steamed cauliflower and 1/2 cup roasted rosemary yams 
D: mango salsa salmon, butternut squash soup, sauteed snow peas in garlic with clarified butter 


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re-reading my last post, when I felt so wonderful in the morning, I wonder how the day got so away from me?  It started with a coworker skipping through the halls with a giant bag of fresh, hot, soft south philly pretzels, yelling her announcement of them as she handed them out. My first reaction was to grab one. but no. stay strong. 
My lunch was amazing ... but when I got home I felt angry. Not for any reason. And normally on Wednesdays I have a glass of wine before my 2nd job (I teach piano lessons, it breaks up the day, don't judge!) and it was AMAZING how much I really CRAVED that glass of wine!  I struggled through lessons, and then went to cook my salmon, already 7pm, and the piece of fish I had was bad.  UGH!  So... I tossed it. Stared in the freezer and found some crab legs, I tossed them in the oven to bake and went for a run. okay, I felt a little better after the run, then clarified my butter and dipped delicious crabmeat in there bite after bite, with a side of brussel sprouts and some more butternut squash.  

Today, It is a rainy, ugly disaster. I wanted nothing more than to stay in bed all day. So, I didn't wake up in time to prep properly. And I already want to kill all the things.  I reluctantly showered (my hair still dripping as I type this), and threw some stuff together, and here I am. But I'm going to stay strong... I just asked my boyfriend to please remember the good times... the times when I was fat and jolly... and this will be worth it in the end.  I hope I'm not lying to him.  

B: 3 O/E eggs with a navel orange 
L: the last of the salsa chicken, roasted beets and brussel sprouts 
Snack: I know snacks aren't recommended but on this day I brought an apple and almond butter just in case I actually start a rampage at work. 
D: Turkey Burger on an Eggplant bun, with avocado tomato salad 

Stay strong peeps. Stay strong.  xox 

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