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My Blood sugar is normal!


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I am so excited - and my doctor did not believe me!  I have been on the diabetes merry go round for about 5 years now - my blood sugar would spike and then drop - and my A1C would go from 8.5 to 7.5.  My fasting blood sugar, at its lowest, was between 108-118,  So, I am on Day 23, and I have been charting my blood sugar.  For the first two weeks, I did not see much of a change...but last Thursday I checked in the morning and it was 88! When I went to the doctor on Friday, I told her and she doesn't believe me.  She has ordered a 24-hour blood glucose testing system for me, because she thinks that there is something wrong with my Freestyle.  However, I have been testing every morning, and it has been 78...82...and this morning it was 66!!!!  I am amazed and very happy.  I have one kidney,and my blood sugar is the one source of worry for the health of my kidney.  Now, I can start seeing my kidney function go up!

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